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My Sixth Wedding Anniversary

My wife and I tried so hard to think of something, anything, sweet and romantic to do for our anniversary. Really we did. After being together for 8 years and married for 6, the "dinner and a movie" thing just isn't all that special anymore. Jess is a good girl. She breaks out her wild side by staying up a little past bedtime and sing out loud when she's alone in the car. My wife flat out shocked me by suggesting we get our nipples pierced. I'm no stranger to body mods (I used to pierce professionally) but she is, save her ears, unmarked. No tattoos. No piercing. No nothing. She had discussed a tattoo. Maybe. Sometime. In the future. If it's convenient.

It's been ten years since my last mod. I hadn't even met Jess the last time I was marked. Sometimes life gets in the way and diapers take priority over that next great design to finish out your leg or the piercing you've always wanted but could never quite fit in. I actually got just a bit of jitters. After not being punctured in so long, the familiar feeling of metal breaking skin was lost on me.

The studio was immaculately kept and, ultimately, was the vision that we had had for our studio years and years ago. We met Chris George. He was very friendly, very approachable, and very professional. We filled out the requisite release forms and led back to his office. He had an apprentice observing the procedure. His workspace was surgically clean. All of his equipment was individually packaged in autoclave bags. Chris scrubbed his hands for  approximately a solid minute. He chatted with us a bit about movies and the people who had referenced him while he laid out his tools and marked us, but the moment he picked up the needle, he flipped a switch and became all business.

Jess went first. She was afraid that if she watched me, she wouldn't be able to go through with it. I'll leave it to her discretion whether or not to share. As for me, he had a bit of trouble putting on the forceps. I have small nipples and I knew it was likely to be at least a little difficult for a simple nipple piercing. Once the forceps were on, everything was smoother than I had even hoped for. He told me to take a deep breath, and I did. I didn't even know that the needle was through until I saw him reach for the cork. There was no pain, pinch, or sting. I did jump a bit when he put the CBR through, but I always have. We took a few photos for posterity and got dressed. Chris was in no particular rush to get us out of the studio. We made a little more small talk and talked about what comes next. After discussing our aftercare and discussing an aftercare product that they sold at the shop, Chris thanked us again and invited us back for checkups and consultation if we had
any questions. We thanked him profusely, shook his hand and tipped him 25% (always tip your artist). He escorted us out to the parking lot and waved us goodbye. I really can't say enough about his demeanor. He seems like the type that has never met a stranger.

The piercing is still fresh. It's only 7 days old.  The soreness is minimal, only when the seatbelt or something else agitates it. We follow our aftercare plan to the letter. We both work 9 to 5 jobs that soaking at mid-day just isn't practical so we changed our minds and went back for the product that Chris recommended. It seems to be working great. A very handy spray that makes keeping it clean and comfortable possible at the office. We did order some jewelry for future adornment. Of course, we both are anxious to get healed up and put in said jewelry, but we're patient and understand that this is all for not if something goes wrong. I haven't been the exhibitionist that my wife has, but I have showed it off to the normal responses of cringing and, "Didn't that hurt?".  Sometimes there's a hint of curiosity in there voice.

Chris is an amazing piercer. He came highly recommended to us by several people who we respect and trust. We will both be going back to him and he has definitely earned our reference. Chris has great people skills, which went a long way towards putting my wife at ease. The whole experience was great. We had fun, but at no time did we have any concern about the establishment, our artist, or our decision. I can't imagine the whole experience going any better. He's the definition of a great professional piercer (clean, precise, fast) and made for a very memorable anniversary.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Chris+George
Studio: Danny%27s+Ancient+Art
Location: Charleston%2C+Wv

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