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My second and third nipple piercing

My affair with piercing begun just over seven months ago, with the somewhat unplanned piercing of my right nipple. Although a spur of the moment decision, I reversed the order in which these things are usually done and did my research after having received the piercing. It was then that I came across BME which luckily for me provided me with a wealth of information regarding aftercare, piercing culture etc...

Fortunately, my experience was without drama, but by all means I recommend researching your particular piercing and its relevant details/aftercare before the actual piercing takes place.

I have received several other piercings to date (Christina, tongue, helix) but here I will share the experience of my second (left) nipple piercing.

For a long while I had contented myself with just one adorned nipple and rather enjoyed the fact that my chest encompassed 'the best of both worlds', so to speak. But after flirting with the idea of another piercing, I realised another nipple piercing was basically my only option. I wasn't ready for another genital piercing and frankly could not be bothered healing another finicky ear piercing. Due to work and 'family' reasons, facial piercings were out and I was afraid that a belly button might look a bit too Brittany Spears (on me, anyway...) So, basically, I took into consideration how much I loved my current nipple piercing, and decided to just do it.

The shop I go to generally doesn't require you to make a booking, so I didn't bother. I grabbed my best friend, (an absolute sucker for symmetry) who was ecstatic to hear that I was finally taking her advice and having my other nipple done, and headed down to the shops.

When we arrived, I approached the lady at the counter, she informed me that they had very little time later on that day, but that the piercer could do me right away if I liked. I agreed, but was a little disappointed to learn that my favourite piercer was not in, but agreed to have another piercer do it anyway. I was impressed by the cleanliness of the shop and although I had never been pierced by this particular girl, it would be the 5th piercing I would receive at this shop. Taking into consideration the relative simplicity of the procedure, I decided to trust the new piercer and go ahead. This proved to be a great mistake.

By the time I had stripped from the waist up and was ready for my piercing, I discovered that the girl piercing me seemed to have little experience with piercing. Although I at this point I couldn't speculate the quality of her work, the way she spoke made me quite sure that she herself had never received any piercings, and was a bit naïve of the whole concept. My suspicions about her quality as a piercer were confirmed firstly, when she spent less than 5 seconds marking my breast, secondly, when she spent over 30 incredibly painful seconds pushing (actually, twisting and shoving) the needle through the nipple, thirdly, when I discovered that not only my nipple, but in fact me entire chest throbbed for days after the piercing, and then made blindingly obvious when I discovered that the 'swelling' was actually due to the fact that she had hardly pierced my nipple at all, but instead under it, with the exit point actually located well into my areola.

Upon the examination of several friends, most of them with no medical or piercing background, the general consensus was that it looked at least vastly different from my right nipple. A more experienced friend pointed out what I mentioned before (that the piercing seemed to pass under the nipple, as appose to through it, and was far too 'long') and with that I decided to take it out. I think it's also worth mentioning that my right nipple barely occupied a 12mm bar, whereas my left completely covered 16mm jewelry, even after swelling had subsided.

For finance sake, I decided not to take it out until the lady who had pierced me could see what a mess she had made, and thus offer me a free re-pierce. Although it may sound like my priorities are a little off, I figured that if I was intent of having it done again (which I was) then it may as well be for free. To outlay another $45 for another load of pain, all for the incompetence of some piercer would really have added insult to injury. I also thought that the incident could serve to make her re-think her technique, thus saving her future customers!

I always thought it would be sad to see a piercing go. Well, it wasn't. To be frank it was an absolute relief to have (after a few days of sea salt soaking) my old nipple back in one piece. I was very fortunate that no permanent scarring or damage seemed to have occurred.

Today, about a fortnight after removing the original, I had my trusty old piercer re-do the piercing for me. So far it looks perfect, and I have experienced nothing like the pain of the original. I was very lucky to come away with a brilliant result, but could have easily not have been so lucky. I suppose that will teach me to stick with who I trust and never disregard the fact that even the simplest of piercings can become complicated in incompetent hands.

Overall, I'm glad I persevered and had the patience and, well, courage I suppose to have my left nipple re-pierced. I love them both.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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