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My Re-Nipple Piercing

Ok. The back story first. It was back on 12.23.04, when I went to have my nipples pierced, one month after having my Prince Albert done. Now I have found out how addictive this piercing thing can get. I left the shop wearing one 10ga CBR ring in each of my nipples and they are healing well but I know they will take longer then my Prince Albert to heal fully but that is ok as I plan to keep them permanently.

John is the owner and does piercing, he also did my Prince Albert, and I trust him completely, anyone in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, Bushkill or Marshall's Creek area should consider looking him up at Moving Pictures Tattoo and Piercing on Route 209. I was very fortunate when I went in to get my nipples pierced; John had a young intern working with him at the time and asked me if I wanted them both done at the same moment, or one first and a few moments later the other. Being the coward that I am, I went for the double piercing at once by John and his assistant, to get it over in one shot, or poke, so to speak. So with each one on either side of me, they approached me. First thing is the cleaning process and then the clamps. So far I can only describe the clamps as being uncomfortable but nothing of the pain many people speak. But I have come to learn that the experience of a piercing is unique for each person in terms of approach, pain responses, and aftercare . Different responses are also noted in many of the stories written here for bmezine.

I don't like to see the needle or to watch the process or see the tools; I only want to know when the rings are in. I also ask before they begin that they pierce me so that there will be enough support from my nipple to upgrade in time to 6ga or 4ga rings, which are presently my target. I have seen some nipples pierced right at the tip of the nipple and they look great but that wont work for my plans. Ok, they are both ready, I'm braced, eyes closed and zap the press is on, it hurt, but the pain was no more the three seconds at the most although the mind makes it seem worse. I did have to brace myself or I would have been tempted to double over as they were pushing the needle through and the last thing I wanted was one straight and one crooked piercing, and needing to have it redone.

Fantastic experience, fantastic job, I love them, the look, the feel, and I am thrilled with my decision. With the amount of skin to be pierced, I think the nipple piercing is a piercing that hurts the most, but it is worth it. Mentally, I just focused on being at the doctor's office for my annual physical, which includes blood tests and needles, and this gets me through the experience.

Now, why am I posting this in July 2008? The piercing date was 7.31.08 to be exact. Well, a year and a half ago, I was fortunate to be in a situation where I was heavily engaged in a scene with a friend of my partners. This was in December 2006. Regrettably, he had his hands in a variety of places and unfortunately I ended up with an infection in my left nipple. Although I did not want to lose the ring, the doctor treating the infection didn't approve of them and insisted that the infection would heal better if the ring were taken out; in fact, he felt that I should remove them both. I reluctantly agreed, but refused to take out the right nipple ring which was perfectly fine.

Well, now it July 2008, a year and a half after my infection and loss of my left nipple ring. I need it back to feel complete and balanced, and I decided two weeks ago it was time to have it back. I go to visit John again, who remembers me, which I take as a complement. I asked him if the healing time of 18 months was enough and if the small scar to the left of my areola will cause a problem. He confidently states that the healing is fine and the scar is not an issue, in fact the ring will distract from the small scar. He prepares as usual but I ask Him to use a 10ga, 1-inch ring, I like the way the larger ring looks and my right nipple has am 8ga, 1-inch ring now. He prepares me with the warning that "you are not going to like me much after this." Once again, the press is on, and I will tell you that re-piercing my left nipple hurt, allot. I think it hurt more then the first time, BUT the pain only lasted the same three seconds. But I am glad to have it back. I am
glad I did not let fears stop me from my quest.

Interestingly enough, John does not use any type of freeze spray, or desensitizing spray. I am not sure why. But honestly, I am not sure if having my body parts numb would be the way I would want to go anyway. Feeling the few seconds of pain is part of the experience, and frankly if you have ever submitted to a doctors office procedure, then this experience is not really much more then that. Once again for me, the point of the piercing is to get me past the point of having issues with my annual medical physical. The piercing procedure has helped me face my fear of needles and pain.

As to the addiction to piercing, I have already asked about a septum piercing, which will probably happen the beginning of Sept 2008. I am also thinking about starting a scrotal and / or penis ladder, ears, and more pierced. Might even try a tattoo. If anyone would like to write me direct to ask questions, discuss my experience, or tell me about your experiences I would love to hear from any and all writers, vgcuffed@hotmail.com.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: John
Studio: Moving+Pictures+Tattoo+%26+Piercing
Location: Bushkil%2C+Poconos%2C+Pennsylvania

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