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The Nips

I have been interested in body piercings since about the age of 13. The one that interested me most was nipple piercings. Being so young there wasn't really the option of going to a studio, so any piercing would have to be self done. There was no issue of being found out about my nipples as I don't tend to bare all in front of anyone, as I was and still am quite self conscious.

I'd first seen a nipple piercing in a magazine, at first I was unsure but then I really liked the idea of them. i don't think I give the impression of someone that likes piercing as my opinions and lifestyle are fairly conservative. I watched a couple of videos on the internet and searched for nipple piercings on google, thats where I came across bme.

When I was fifteen i started to experiment with needles. My parents work until pretty late in the evening, so I had the house to myself. At first I just gently pushed sewing needles against my nipples, it was pretty painful and I couldn't push them very easily as the didn't have a very flat end to push against. I then decided to freeze my nipples probably not the best idea. So I placed ice on my nipples for about 5 minutes, until i couldn't feel anything, then tried, I got the needle through but took them out after a couple of hours.

I decided to pierce my nipples properly.

I came home from school, got everything I needed, two safety pins, ice, and two nails about 14 gauge in thickness. Freezing them meant that when I came to pierce them I hardly felt it, although it did feel odd. I drew dots with a pen at where I thought was the right level and depth. It took a couple of minutes to push the needles through as I was shaking. Once through I left them for a couple of minutes just to think about what I had just done and what I was still to do. I placed the ice back on for a couple more minutes and then proceed to stretch them with the nails. Now the reason for the nails was I didn't want to go into a studio and to ask for two barbells, but knew that an earrings thickness just wasn't thich enough. This was by far the most painful part. It seemed to take forever. The entrance holes were easy to find, but I'm sure on pushing them out the other side I made new holes. I didn't bleed much, I guess due to the stretching. I was proud to have done it, but
pretty exhausted, I didn't move for a while.

As my nipples regained their sensitivity after being numbed, they began to really hurt. I spent the rest of the night trying not to let my clothes get caught on them. Going to bed wasn't a comfortable experience either as I normally lay on my front. Luckily I didn't bleed during the night. In the morning I was careful when putting on clothes. I just hoped no one would give me a nipple cripple at school. They hurt for about a week after. I just tried to avoid aggravating, hoping that people would't brush past me in the corridor. The speed at which they healed meant that playing contact sports wasn't as much of an issue as I thought it would be. I knew people wouldn't react well to finding out I had my nipple pierced when a girl at school had hers done and there was a real feeling of 'whats the point', people just didn't understand. Once they had healed to an extent I took them out a couple of times and they went back in without any problems. They weren't completely level wit h each other which was slightly irritating, probably wouldn't have been such an issue if I had rings, that's why I think you should have them done professionally if you have the opportunity

I loved my nipple piercings and had them for about a year, keeping it hidden was fairly difficult when I did sport, but it was well worth it for the sensation they gave me and the way they hung and looked. I took them out in the end for a girlfriend who wasn't keen on body piercings. Although since we've split up she has had hers done. I do regret taking them out. I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself, unless you have all the tools and knowledge, I certainly didn't. This is my experience and is in no way the right way.

The piercing has really made me consider other types of modification. Since taking them out I really have an urge to have them pierced properly and also get a PA, so I may well be putting up some more posts.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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