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Poorly done nipple piercings

I believe I was 19 or 20 when I decided to up and get my nipples pierced. I had always wanted it done, but I think a part of me wanted to spite an ex-boyfriend who wished I'd get it done when we were together (he broke up with ME, that stupid ass!). I hadn't researched the topic at all, only looked at a few pictures. That was the bad move there, I hadn't even looked at places to get it done or shopped around. I just chose Iron Age in St. Louis (in the Loop) thinking it was well-known and professional. It always seemed like people were going there for everything, at least a lot of people I knew. I had actually been in there once or twice before, but simply looked at pictures and not paid much attention to anything else.

On that fateful day I just walked in with a friend, nervously paced and looked at pictures, and had to work up the courage to go say what I wanted done. I finally went, they told me the price ($50 each so $100 total), and I was hesitant. But in my nervousness I just said OK without even seeing who was going to be doing it. I began filling out the paperwork, paying, and picking out piercings I liked.

All the while I was paying and filling out paperwork and what not, there was a man standing there watching, and I had been hoping he wasn't going to be doing it. Turns out, it was going to be him, and I sunk. He led my friend and me back to a room, and the nerves hit even harder. He told me he was from a different studio in Columbia, MO. I was really confused as to why he was there, and why I got stuck with him!

He tried talking to me to make me feel comfortable, but it wasn't working. Taking off my shirt and bra was so uncomfortable, and he seemed to snap at me a couple of times for attempting to cover myself up slightly. So he was cleaning and marking, and I was just too busy thinking about my self-consciousness to pay attention to much else. He had me lay down, and proceeded to tell me how I had "good skin" because of the way my breasts laid. I was feeling really exposed...

He then used clamps on my left nipple, which I confused as a piercing at first. The clamps alone hurt terribly. Then it was what seemed like a slow jab through my nipple. I laughed to keep from screaming! On to the right nipple. Clamps, stab, pain, and laugh. He wiped blood away for what seemed like forever. I just wanted to say "It's okay.. I'll get it, thanks."

He had me stand up and look in the mirror to see if they were alright. Courteous, right? I was too focused on having two people (him and my friend) gazing at my chest to really judge. I just said "THANKS, great," threw on my bra and shirt, and bolted on out of there. Afterwards the pain of just walking sucked for a while, and it was an intense burning sensation. Showering was agony, even water droplets felt like intense hits. Sometimes the rag/sponge would so wonderfully snag a ball at the end of the bar and just take it down with it. It felt like getting the piercing all over again, and I'm sure it didn't help in the healing at all. I was a bit careless sometimes. Healing was going okay, but seemed slow.

After all of this, I began to stare in the mirror when cleaning them, and I just felt like they didn't match. The right seemed okay, but the left seemed...crooked. I was really upset about it and didn't want to have to go through it all again! After much debate in my head, I finally took it out, and let it close. The right is still intact, but I'm still feeling awkward about it. I suppose it was my fault for being too hasty. I should have took my time and been sure of what I wanted and exactly how I wanted it.

Word of advice. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. I just got up one day, and thought why not? Now I wish I could go back and be more specific about what I wanted, maybe get them angled differently. I hadn't even thought about that. I don't even remember saying anything to anyone about what I wanted. All I can remember was saying, "Bars not rings."

I looked at more pictures afterwards and saw so many better looking piercings than mine. I had hoped piercings would make me feel differently about my chest, and they really didn't. Don't get me wrong, I do like piercings, and I did like these. It was just that there were so many things I'd do differently. Definitely make sure to KNOW WHAT YOU WANT.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Studio: Iron+Age
Location: St.+Louis

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