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nipples - inverted to extraverted!!

My nipples – well where do I start? I have never been happy with my nipples. They were fully inverted, coming out only when really cold or stimulated. I hated having to explain them to boyfriends or anyone else who saw them actually! They were always a 'challenge' for any boyfriend to get out and usually it was funny and I would laugh along but really it was embarrassing. I went to the Dr about them when I was about 15, and he said they would come out probably when I was pregnant and not to worry about them.

Well I had my son 4 years ago now and the whole pregnancy I waited for them to 'pop' out and it never happened. I talked to lactation consultants, mid wives etc... and they all reassured me that I could breast feed etc... and not to worry so much about them. Anyways, couldn't breast feed and that up set me no end (still does today). So its easy to see I did not 'like' my nipples at all. To top it all off I have a husband who is very much a 'boobs' man, he loves my tits, but also loves hard nipples, and it used to bug me when he would comment on any chick he saw whos nipples were sticking out though their tops!

Any how, after thinking about it for ages and reading on many web sites about how you can get your inverted nipples 'corrected' by piercing I was very intreaged! I talked it over with my husband and he was keen for me to give it a try. So while I was on holiday with friends in Carins Austraila I decided to get them done! The husbands went scuba diving and my friend and I set out to find a piercing place in Cairns. Well there were a few to choose from but the first one we went in to had a really nice female pericer who's name I cant remember now. She explained it all to me and said he had 'corrected' inverted nipples before, so that was reassuring. We made an appointment for an hours time and went to get Emla cream to try numbing them even though the pericer said that it would not work.

I filled out the forms and paid my money then she took me in to the pericing room. It was very clean and sterile looking. I took off my top and showed her the problem nipples! She was really good, chatty and made me feel totally relaxed. She cleaned off the emla cream then she marked the sides of my nipples with me standing so she could make sure they ended up straight. She 'teased' my nipples out – which for a straight (ok maybe a little bi) girl that was fun, she was so funny, talking to them, saying things like 'out you come' 'there will be no more hiding for you!' she got the first one out, clamped it and had me lie down on the bed. She counted to 3 and pierced it – it hurt! Not yelling out loud hurt but really did hurt, so much for the numbing cream. She put the jewellery in and let me stand up and have a look, it looked great but was throbbing. She asked if I still wanted the other one done, I said yes, I had to have a matching pair! So she 'teased' the next one out whi ch again was hilarious. This one hurt more I think as my body knew what was about to happen, but I am so glad I was brave enough to get them both done, I had to have them matching. I ended up with 2x 14g 12mm straight barbells.

She covered them with dressings and gave me all the aftercare info etc... I left the shop on a high and my friend was buzzing after having had watched the whole thing. She was not allowed to get anything done – her husband was actually quite grossed out that I wanted to get it done, oh well each to their own.

Well we had a whole day to fill as the boys were out scuba diving all day so we had shopping to do, well I started to really feel faint after about 5 mintues and had to sit down for a while. My friend got me something to eat and I started to feel a bit better. Then went to the pharmacy and got some pain killers. After about 30 minutes I started to feel better and was able to continue shopping. We meet the boys at the wharf and my husband was so excited to see them I had to give him a sneak peak, the dressings were soaked in blood! We went home cleaned them up a bit and they were ok, no more bleeding after that.

Well the result was defiantly worth it, I now have nipples I can be proud of. They some times go 'flat' with the bar sitting right in tight to my breasts but they don't fully invert any more and they pop right out if stimulated at all and are much much more sensitive!! I now love wearing tight tops so people notice MY nipples!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: %3F+cant+remember
Studio: Carins
Location: Carins+Austraila

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