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Inverted Nipple Piercings Round 2

I'm back! I wrote about my first experience of getting my inverted nipples pierced on this site a few months back and sadly, since then, I've been forced to take them out due to migration and it being a generally botched job. The guy that did them first time round shut up shop literally two weeks after I had them done, so I had no one to turn to for advice when they started playing up. Anyway, I went to Feline which is near my house in sheffield to get a tragus piercing, while I was there I asked the piercer to check out my nipple piercings since they seemed to be having a lot of trouble healing, I'd had them for 6 months at this point. She had a look at them and said that the right one wasn't straight, it had been done diagonally, coming up through the skin at one end and basically it was migrating. The other one, left, was also migrating outwards as it hadn't been pierced deep enough, I was pretty upset when she said I'd be best off taking them out. I'd put up with inverted nipples all my life and was willing to do anything to keep them in, but sadly it wasn't to be. So out they came and I was advised to wait three months before getting them repierced. That may have been the longest three months of my life. What I did notice however, is that altough they quickly reverted to their original state, they "popped out" far easier than before I had the piercing, but still, they didn't look like "normal" nipples, so when three months was up, I contacted my piercer again.

Two weeks ago I headed over to the studio to get my nipples pierced again, this time by a competent piercer who wasn't going to shut up shop two weeks after piercing me. Seriously people, I know what it's like to just want to get it over and done with so any observations you normally make about a piercing studio just go out the window when you're anxious or whatever. I signed the disclaimer form and headed into the back room which was all kitted out with an autoclave and disposable prepacked needles etc. I stripped from the waist up and the piercer had a look at my scar tissue from the previous piercings, I asked if I would be able to get them done horizontally again like they were before or would it be better to get them done at a different angle so as not aggrevate the scar tissue. Fortunately I was able to get them done horizonally again as they were going deeper into my nipple and behind the scar tissue from the old piercing. I was marked and had a look in the mirror, it
all looked good so I lay back and got ready to be pierced. I knew what to expect with regards to pain, it wasn't painful at all, there was a bit of blood but not too much. I had a look in the mirror and immediately I could see that finally they'd been done properly! They just looked so much better. Because they were deeper, I could see my nipples had been pulled all the way out and weren't going to be inverting again any time soon. I was given medical dressings (called MePore here in the uk) to stick over the piercing, I was given an extra set which I was instructed to replace at night after a saltwater cleaning. I went out to hand over my money, it came to £45 but I gave my piercer £50 since I'd been there a few times before and she had always done a great job with my piercings. So there I was, with a set of awesome looking piercings and more importantly, awesome looking nipples! The initial piercing process ran smoothly, not really much pain, some small bruises at the entr ance and exit points and generally they felt good.

However, fast forward to this week. I think I'd accidentally rolled over in my sleep and lay on my right piercing. When I woke up one morning it was really sore, so as you can imagine, cleaning it wasn't fun, it throbbed and ached constantly. I checked it out and it didn't look swollen, nor had it been snagged (it wasn't cut or bleeding) and there was no pus coming out of it. I thought I'd leave it a few days to see if it improved, it didn't seem worth going back to the piercer just because I'd banged it. After three days the pain had only subsided marginally. So I phoned Feline and the piercer said to come in whenever I could that day, so I headed down there and got her to check them out. She said it had been caught and as a result had swollen slightly, because it had swollen, the barbell balls were pressing on the side of the nipple causing the discomfort and not allowing it to heal. She got me a new prepacked barbell which was slightly longer, put some antisceptic spray (t he stuff they spray on you before you're gonna get pierced) on the piercing while it had no jewellery in and then put the longer barbell in. It's only been a day but the pain has more or less gone, cleaning is no longer an excruciating experience. I am due to go back there in a week to get a smaller barbell put back in if the swelling has gone down, if not, my piercer's gonna take another look at it and see what can be done. So far, it's been a better experience than the first time round and it really pays to go to a competent piercer who has had previous experience of piercing inverted nipples.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Jayne
Studio: Feline+Tattoo+Studio
Location: Sheffield%2C+UK

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