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Hello Military, Goodbye Mods

There were a few reasons that I was reluctant to enter the military. First and foremost, every day since as far as I can remember I've woken up with an erection(morning wood) and I was worried about being forced to jump out of my bed and standing at attention in my skivies with my erect penis hanging out. Luckily, this never happened. Secondly(and probably a more reasonable fear) I was annoyed at the fact that I would have to lose all my body mod's. My ears were strectched to about a 0 gauge, but mostly I didn't want to lose my nipple piercings.

A year before entering the military I decided it was time to finally get my nipples pierced. They seemed like a pretty much useless part of my body and had heard murmerings that the piercing would increase the (non-existent) pleasure when my girlfriend would touch or lick them.

But putting a thick and sharp piece of metal through my nipples? I've been tattooed before on my lower abdomen before and was reassured by the piercer that this piercing would be nothing compared to that pain. The tattoo hurt, there's no denying that, but it was a completly bearable pain. Stung, really bad, but as many people have said it's more of a real irritant moreso than anything else. Like a bad sunburn.

Admittedly, I was very scared as my piercer walked me back in to the room and made her initial marks on my nipples. I lamented the fact that I decided to not drink before hand. I know it was the right choice but at the time I would have killed for a quick shot of whiskey right before the needle entered.

My piercer tried to get me to turn away during the procedure but I was fixated on watching as the needle entered. I'm by no means a masochist, but if I'm about to get hurt, I want to see it happen.

The procedure went a little something like this

  1. She marked my left nipple first, placing both entry and exit points with a light felt tip marker. She stared at me for an inordinate amount of time. It started to make me a little bit uncomfortable because she wasn't saying anything as she did this. Just looking at her marks, then again up at me, then at my bare chest. This wouldn't have been so awkward but it was a female doing the piercing and I hate to admit that she was gorgeous and I was getting a little shy as she stared at my admittedly scrawny body. But she just wanted to make sure that the end product would be perfect, so I thank her for her thoroughness.

  2. She repeated the procedure on my right nipple.

  3. My nipple was placed in some sort of clamp, that twisted tight and created even more pain than the piercing itself. She then lined up and put the needle to the entry point and told me she push it in on three, and...

Snap! The first one's over. Before I can even focus on the pain it's over. By no means did it not hurt, but all it did was hurt like hell for a split second. I mean literally not even a whole second of pain.

I was so relaxed after the first one that the second nipple was nothing. My piercer was amazed at how easily I took it, but really it felt like nothing at all.

I would recommend this to any male, because the rumors were true, it definetly added a new level of sexuality to an otherwise useless body part and the initial upkeep wasn't difficult. Although you do look pretty funny trying to salt soak them with those little dixie cups pressed against your nipples.

So forward to a year later and I'm at my Army physical, and they have to come out. At the end of the day I tried my damndest to put them back in, to no avail. I had had them in for an entire year and after removing them for five hours my attempts at putting them back in were fruitless.

Having body modifications was often a little tumultuous during the basic training aspect of my military career. My drill sergeants could see the large holes in my ears, and would assume that I was a, "punk" back home and only entered because I needed the military. Luckily they couldn't see my dove tattoo's that were on my abdomen near my crotch. That would have opened up a whole new ugly can of worms. Name calling is something that they were great at, and even though they couldn't call us "gay" anymore, they came damn near as close as they could.

Although I'm very proud of my service there's one thing I want back even more than my long hair and independence.

I want my nipple piercings back!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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