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Wait ... you got WHAT pierced?

I hadn't always planned to get my nipple pierced, let alone both of them. But by either chance or fate I managed to get my hands on a discount voucher for The Piercing Shop, and this put the thought into my head 'What on earth should I get pierced?'. Well, I couldn't get anymore facial piercings, due to work regulations and I wasn't really looking to do anything else to my ears, they're already stretched. So that left genital, navel or nipples. Genitals seemed pretty happy to be left alone, and I've never been to fond of navel piercings, so that left my nipple. After a few weeks of pondering (and saving up the cash!) I come to the question - Which one? Can't do the left by itself, the right will look boring, ditto if I just did the right. It's got to be both then, all or nothing.

I sat on the idea for a week or two more before biting the bullet and deciding to go through with it. So, with jittery nerves and my legs feeling like they'll turn to jelly, I caught the train into the city and made my way to the piercers. They're on the second floor, and I am so happy to see they have an elevator – don't think I could have made it up the stairs, the way my nerves were going!

When I got to the counter, the girls at the desk were really nice and funny too, they helped settled my nerves and both grinned when I mumbled that I'd like to get my nipples pierced. After filling out the paper work and setting the appointment, she takes me over to the jewellery counter to pick what I'd like. I'm not a flashy person, so no gold or shiny gemstones. Plain stainless steel barbells look nice, so after picking the length and gauge I go for a wander around the city, my appointment wasn't for another hour.

The girls at the counter advised me to get numbing patches to put on while I waited for my appointment, and I am so amazingly thankful for that advice, my tolerance for pain is minimal and the patches really did numb them a lot... it's rather odd wandering around with numb nipples when they are usually pretty sensitive, but it was worth it.

So after a little bit of retail therapy and a decent lunch to settle my stomach and get some sugar running through my system, I went back up to the shop and waited to be called in. I only had to wait about 5 or 10 minutes and got to have a chat with the owner of the shop, who really put my mind at ease. When I went into the piercing room, I really admired how clean and professional it looked, nice and clean (and looked a bit like the dentists hahaha) I took my shirt and bra off, which for me to do in front of someone else is amazingly difficult due to some body image issues, but the piercer made me feel very calm – or as calm as I could be.

Sitting down, she removed the numbing patches (hooray for numbing patches!) and sterilized my nipples. She gave me a stress ball to squish, I didn't think I'd need it but it turned out I really did! For my first nipple, she told me to breath in through my nose, out through my mouth and after attaching the clampy thing (not sure what it's called, but we'll just call it the clampy thing) a quick count down – my nipple was pierced! I didn't feel too much pain until after the jewellery was in, and by then she was already onto my other nipple. Same routine – breath, clamp, count down- bam! Another nipple done. This one hurt a fair bit more than the first one, but she said this was pretty common. After cleaning me up and giving me a red lolly frog, she said I was good to go. Although we did have a bit of a laugh at the nail marks I left in the stress ball.

At the counter they reminded me of post-care and after gratefully thanking everyone involved I headed home to look after my girls.

It's about four days later, and I have come to the realisation that you bump your boobs into EVERYTHING. For the most part they don't hurt, they haven't bled and there have been minimal crusties. I couldn't be happier with them, my new nipple rings have given me such a boost to my self-esteem and I look in the mirror and feel happy with what I see. I do have to wear slightly padded bras to hide my new additions, but it is so worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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