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secretive nips

So, here I am, a nineteen year old young woman with parents who come from a very strict Hispanic background. AKA, no tattoos or piercings! So naturally, their opposition to any sort of body modification only led me to urn for such action from the time I knew piercings even existed, to the day when I would reach the legal age to do whatever I damn well pleased.

So, I focused my attention to those piercings which could not be seen, either by my family or my employer.  I focused my attention to a piercing that would allow me to look like anyone else, but when the clothes came off, turn into a completely different person.  That piercings ladies and gentlemen, was the nipple!

One night as me and my friend are smoking hookah, the idea comes up in my head once more.  I tell her we should go, and like always she is down for anything!  We plan to go that Sunday and agree that neither of us can back down.  So finally Sunday comes along.  Neither of us want  to go to our normal piercers because we're both kind of afraid of just whipping our boobs out to someone we'll see around town, so we decide to visit other piercing parlors/tattoo shops.  To our disappointment, after three piercing parlors  we are SOL and decide that maybe some force in the universe is telling us not to pierce our nipples, so of course...we do the next best thing...go have some Mexican food!

After eating our burritos we decide to go to the mall and on the way back we stop at a piercing parlor/tattoo shop and agree that if the price is around sixty bucks we're not doing it because we're poor ass people working for minimum wage.  Anyhow, we check and the price is forty dollars for one, seventy for both.  We only wanted one, and it was cash only...and I sadly only had enough cash on me for one.  I felt at ease because I thought the girl assisting us would be the piercer, but I was incorrect.  We signed the paper-work, basically realizing all liabilities incase our breasts infect and fall off.  With all our rights signed away, we were ready to go!

Me and my friend both agreed she would go first, as I was the one that went first when we got our septums pierced.  I sat with another friend on the couch for what seemed like a n eternity, and thought about why they could possibly be taking so long!  As a sat there my palms became cold and clamy...I was nervous!

Finally my friend came out of the room, looking like she had been violated.  "how was it?" I asked.  "not as bad as I thought it would be".  So finally it was my turn.

I went in and sat down, the piercer was fairly humorous.

"Ok look, I'm going to need you to take your shirt off and stand on your hands".

Anyhow, taking my bra off was super weird for me, as I'm not as much as an exhibitionist as I'd like to believe I am.  So there I was kind of trying to slyly cover myself with my arms and she just said "relax, they're just boobies!".   So he cleans the nipple with some alcohol and makes the markings, and in a sad attempt at small talk, I tell him "so on a scale of one to ten..." and he looks at me crazy and I realize he thinks im going to ask "so on a scale of one to ten, how do my boobs look?"  So quickly I was like "no, no! On a scale of one to ten how much does it hurt?".  After that the ice had been broken.  "oh shit, that was funny" he said.  Then I lay down, he put the clamps down (I don't care what anyone says...the clamps are NOT the most painful part of the piercing).  He put the needle by my nipple, and told me to take a deep breath in.  It hurt, not like hell, but it hurt worse than my Monroe or septum.  Kind of like an extreme purple nurple.  So I look down only to r

ealize I have like a two inch long, fairly thick needle sticking out of one of my twins, then comes the whole putting in the jewelry thing. He tells me how to clean it, I pay him and I leave. For being kind of a random stop at a piercing parlor I'd never been to, the place was awesome and the guy was hilarious...even though I got this odd feeling he might be hitting on me after a remark about the size of my boobs. ANYHOW. We go into the car and every piece of gravel on the floor and every bump on the road makes me cringe.

We watched the T.V and the whole time we were like "ouch ouch out".

I woke up today after sleeping on my back all night (which is not my usual sleeping position!) and I felt kind of nauseated and my boob really hurt.  However, I got up and went to work and it got a little bit better, but on my lunch break as I went to go clean it, it bled a little.  I took some ibuprofen and It helped a lot!

So it's only day two, I just showered and cleaned it really well and sprayed some anti bacterial stuff on it which also helps numb the pain.  It looks a lot better than it did this morning, and it's no longer bleeding or hurting at all!  I'm completely in love with it, and I'm hoping to go back soon to get the other one done, as I feel a tad imbalanced.  I think what I love the most about it, is that no one would really suspect me of getting something like that, and I like that they don't know it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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