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Not so bad!!

I have been wanting to get my nipples pierced for about a year now. I spent that year mainly doing research until the opportunity afforded me! I definitely used this site to read a lot of people's experiences with getting their nipples pierced. I was scared by some of them, nervous by others, and upset that some of them would "lie" and say that it wouldn't hurt, but nonetheless I was determined to get them done(just because I love my boobs)!

So, I read more about the procedure, aftercare, and any complications that could arise. I ESPECIALLY looked up about the pain factor. How bad this was going to be and I found varying responses. Some said that they screamed bloody murder while others said it was over almost before it began.

After getting them done some...five to six hours ago I can tell you that it won't hurt that bad!! I'm serious!! This is coming from someone who will NEVER tell someone else that "that didn't hurt". It definitely wasn't painless, but I wasn't screaming at the top of my lungs. I felt comfortable when I was in front of that piercer and relieved after the needle and barbell went through!

I walked in, waited a bit and walked into the room where they would be piercing me. Then I sat down beside my friend as the piercer prepared the tools. He asked me if I minded if a trainee watched for training purposes and I didn't mind, so I let him come in. They closed up every opening where someone might be able to see and he began to explain what was going to happen as I took off my shirt and bra. He sprayed something that said H20 on my nipple to disinfect it, then marked under the nipple where the piercing would be. So, they won't actually piercing the nipple itself but really right under the nipple so that it won't damage any milk ducts. He told me that the clamps would actually be the worse part and he put them on. Yes, they were actually very uncomfortable. Then I watched him bring the needle up to my nipple and he told me he would count to three. He counted and I held my breath and squeezed my friend's hand and he just went in. It wasn't SUPER quick, but it was very smooth. I didn't yell or scream I just exhaled all the pain as he put the ring through too. That hurt too! The trainee was like "Man, that didn't even hurt" but I definitely corrected him and said "How are you gonna tell me that it didn't hurt? It definitely hurt." Then he did the same for my other nipple. That was worse because he paused in the middle of it (I guess because it was harder to pierce), then he put the ring through and that hurt too again! But it wasn't torcher! It was much easier than I thought it would be. I kinda felt sick after though, but that quickly went away and he let me put back on my bra and shirt. I love them!

TIPS: (1) Take a pain pill or two about thirty minutes before getting your piercing. (2) Bring a friend for support. (3)Don't be scared to be scared. Being scared helps build up adrenaline and blocks most of the pain. (3) Go somewhere which someone you know and trust can vouch for. (4) Go somewhere clean!! (5)Make conversation and joke with your friend and piercer. A laugh always helps to ease the pain! (6)Make sure the piercer shows you when he open a brand new bag for a brand new needle and barbell! That means he hasn't used it on someone else. (7) And the most important tip of all and trust me on this- be sure that you want to do it. Don't go on a whim or when you're not ready. Do your research and know the procedure like the back of your hand and just be sure and things will go by much smoother.

Use those tips and I'll bet that it won't be that bad. Trust me. I personally am so mad when people tell me that "it didn't hurt". Oh it'll hurt, but it's so quick and easy and smooth to the point that you won't be crying or screaming or cursing like some people have done. Just use those tips!!

And just to let you know, they totally cannot be seen through my shirt. But I also should let you know they are a bit sore right now. It doesn't feel really bad, but it does hurt a little. It's uncomfortable, but I love looking at them. They're gorgeous! He told me not to touch them, but to make sure to put this sea salt spray on them every day. They are going to fully heal in about six months. He said I can switch them out as early as a month though, but the longer I wait the better! I can't wait!!


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on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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