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If you want it, get it!

I have wanted a tattoo for many years, but haven't given much thought to piercings. However, some coincidences led to me getting piercings instead, and I love them!

I got my first piercing, a VCH done almost two months ago. Of course I already had pierced earlobes, but I don't consider them to be piercings, as they were done when I was four years old, with a piercing gun..

I fell in love with my piercing from the second I saw it, and I started thinking about getting another one right away. It's weird, but you really do get addicted to piercings, one just wasn't enough. This led to many afternoons searching the internet, reading about different piercings and looking at pictures of piercings. This is how I discovered BME, by the way.

Where I work I am not allowed to have visible piercings, so that narrowed down my choices quite a bit. I was convinced however, that I would never get nipple piercings, as I thought they would be the most painful ones, and reading stories here on BME made me sure I was right about that.

Still, as I was looking at pictures I found that I really liked these piercings, and I started considering getting them after all.

A month had passed after getting my first piercing, without having any problems. I decided it was time to get another one, and I decided on a nipple piercing. I went down to the place where I got the first one done, and luckily there were no other customers in there, so I didn't have to wait. I think I would have been a lot more nervous if I would have had to make an appointment and come back later, giving me time to think about what was about to happen..

When I told the piercer what I wanted, he asked if I wanted both done, to which I nervously replied; Maybe, it depends how much it hurts.. I really wanted both done, but thought I'd wait and see what it felt like.

As he got everything set up I was asking all kinds of questions, and he told me that some people scream out loud when getting this piercing, while others think it's not that bad. So I thought to myself; At least I'm going to try not to scream..

Then I was finally lying down, with markings made on both nipples, getting ready to be pierced.. I've read that many people find the clamps to be painful, but i didn't really notice them. The left nipple got pierced first, and yes, it really did hurt! -but it is nothing you can't handle! (And if you were wondering; No, I didn't scream.. ha ha..)

The actual piercing took a little longer than I thought it would, but I guess pushing the needle through a nipple will take some time. (Don't get me wrong, it was probably just a second or two..)

When the needle was pushed through, the piercer asked if I wanted the second one done too, and I told him to go ahead.

I've read that the second piercing is more painful, but I don't think it was any worse. I actually thought the worst part was getting the jewelery put in.

As I was looking down at the needles before the jewelery was put in, I couldn't believe how they could pierce the skin. They didn't look sharp at all, they looked like plastic tubes, and they were quite big. Luckily I didn't look at them before I got the piercings done, ha ha..

It didn't bleed at all, and it hasn't bled since, either. After getting the aftercare-instructions I left with two brand new piercings!

I didn't really feel any discomfort afterwards, except for a slight pressure, so I went shopping and I was out driving my horse later that afternoon (which tends to be kind of bumpy..).

The aftercare has been washing twice a day with salt water, when I have the time I soak them in saltwater for five minutes before cleaning the area with a q-tip. I've been sleeping with a shirt on, just to keep them safe at night, and I was surprised to find that I could sleep on my stomach without any problems on the second night.

Maybe I've been lucky, but my piercings feel like they've always been there, there's been very little swelling, and almost no crust forming.

I love my piercings, and being kind of shy, it's a great feeling having these piercings that not many people know about. It sort of makes you think; If only they knew...

If you are considering getting your nipples pierced, do it! It looks great, and it feels great!

Even if it does hurt a little, that's only for a few seconds, and you won't regret getting them!

And of course, I'm already considering my next piercing..


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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