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The Long Awaited Right Nipple Piercing...

The Long Awaited Nipple Piecing....

Today is July 16, 2008...and after 3 long weeks of waiting I finally decided to go get my nipple pierced.

I had wanted my nipple done since I was 15 (I am now 21), it just looked so sexy, and elegant. Besides, I didn't like my boobs, and I thought it would make me feel more confident, even though nobody would know that I have it done.

So its finally Wednesday, I got off of work at 4:30pm and head home to get a shower. I called the parlor, because I get all my tattoos done there, by Mike, and the piercer, Dan, wasn't there until 7pm. So my husband and I watch a few Psych episodes, and then start to get ready to head down there. I called again just to make sure he was there...and since I ended up talking to him on the phone we had a short convo about the piercing. I asked him how bad it hurt next to the tongue and belly button...he quoted me a 2-4 for the tongue, and a 6 for the navel...so he said about a 7 for the nipple.

We finally arrive at 8 p.m...and I walk in. Of course he just happened to be standing by the counter and he asked "Hello, how can I help you." So, I said; "I was the one that called you about the nipple piercing." He said "Let me get the paper work for you, and set up!"

So he goes around the other side of the counter, finds the paper work and asks for my ID. I fill out the paper work, (which I screwed up my own name and address, because I was so nervous) and wait for him to set up. I was watching him, but decided to go get a pop for some caffeine, and he paid for my pop...it was only 50 cents, but it was a big deal to me. Anyhow, he got done setting up and actually called me by my first name to let me know he was ready...which I appreciated.

I got back there and he told me to jump up on the table. He closed the curtains to the room and told me to take my shirt and bra off. I wore an easy access button up shirt, and a bra that un-snapped in the front, which made it easy for the off and on process.

He asked me which one I wanted done and how, and I said the right, horizontal. He moved the table (he turned it) so that I could lay down for when he did it, and he could reach me easy. I was actually kinda just leaning back.

Anyhow, he wipes me down; and I cant tell you how many times he changed his gloves. We had small talk about all the wimps that he has had in the past, all of them being guys. And we had a few laughs. He picked out the size bar that he thought I would need; but changed his mind before he has pierced me anyhow.

Now its time to get down to business; he's explaining the procedure to me, and making sure that I understand everything. I wasn't actually that nervous that I was sitting there with my shirt/bra off in front of someone that I knew, since Im in the shop all the time...I was more worried about that needle.

Before he pierced me I told him: "I'm going to tell you if what you quoted me about the 7 was right." And he just laughed.

So he puts the clamp on, tells me to breath in and when I exhaled he was going to push the needle through. So IN, and OUT-UCHH!!! My arm automatically came up to my side, and he warned me that the needle was still there, so I needed to be careful. Of course, I knew that, but it was good that he was being cautious.

Then he was like "So was the 7 right?" (As he's getting the ring ready.) I just laughed, it lightened the mood alittle bit, and I was like "Ya, pretty close, but it wasn't the clamp that hurt the worst, unless you twisted it, it was definitely when the needle first started going through."

My legs tensed up which caused them to tighten on the table, causing me to slide down alittle bit, I was worried that was going to screw him up, but it didn't.

So then he took off the clamps, told me to breath in and out again, and slide the jewelry though, which hardly hurt at all....I told him to let me sit for a few minutes before he put the ball on; and he did...then wiped me off again, then told me to breath one last time and he kept wiggling my boob back and forth; he told me it was to stretch the skin over the bar.

So he wiped me off and told me I didn't bleed at all. Told me he would hold the paper towel there as I snapped my bra on, so I did. I buttoned up my shirt as he was going over the after-care procedure, and was cleaning up. I kept walking out of his room into the main lobby cause I was really hot.

It only cost me $40 to get 1 done, but $5 for the spray, so I gave him $60 all together, cause I tend to tip big...because I know I would annoy myself.

Worst part: The anxiety that you get right before any piercing.

Hurt the worst: When the needle first started going in.

Would I do it again: Yes, but only to the right, I wont get back to have my left done.

And the surprising thing was that I didn't have a proud feeling...Maybe its because Im worried about the healing.

It hurt for about 3-4 hours afterwards, from a burning sensation to long sharp pains, After about 2 hours I couldn't stand my shirt/bra on at all; but now (The next morning/day) it feels fine, I can only tell its there with certain movements, or when it gets bumped.

Im cleaning it 3 times a day with Dial, and spraying on H2Ocean every 3-4 hours, I know that will be alittle different when I go back to work, but I will manage.

Advice: if you want to get it done, do it. It only hurts for abit, and then you have a nice shine new barbell! Good Luck!


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on: 31 July 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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