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Nipple Piercing Experience

I'd been considering having my nipples pierced for quite a while – originally when I thought about having them done, I simply couldn't imagine it – I have a nose piercing, labret, several ear piercings and two tattoos, but nothing more extreme than that.

I talked it over a lot with my boyfriend, in fact I think it may have started to get on his nerves...but I wanted to be sure! He'd had one of his nipples pierced a few years ago, and had developed keloid scarring – this made me a bit worried, as if the piercing didn't work out, I really did not want to be left with wonky scarred nipples! I eventually decided to just go for it.

I knew of a fantastic piercing place in Bournemouth – everyone I spoke to that had been pierced there had been impressed with the cleanliness of the studio, the knowledge and professionalism displayed by Sarge and the brilliant aftercare advice he gives. As I live quite far away from the town, I decided to just drop in when I was next there – though I did call beforehand to check prices, and that it was ok not to make an appointment.

The day I went in, I actually had a stinking hangover! I really, really do NOT recommend this – if you are feeling a bit dodgy and sick your piercing experience will be a lot less pleasant. Fortunately by the time I'd gone in and been told they only accepted cash, had to go and draw some out and returned, I was feeling a bit more normal!

The studio was very stylish, modern and above all clean, with a comfy waiting room/reception area with lots of tattoo designs to browse through (giving me lots of ideas for my next one...), and the receptionist was lovely. Sarge came out to get me, and went on into the studio itself. We had a quick chat about what I wanted – I was able to talk to him about my worries regarding keloid scarring – he reassured me that if the piercing was carried out correctly, this shouldn't be a problem. He then explained that he always used slightly bent barbell jewellery as this fitted neatly behind the nipple and made it less likely to reject the piercing. At this point I'd finished asking my questions, and he was sort of looking at me expectantly, so I went over and sat in the chair. He then pointed out very politely that it might be an idea to take my t-shirt off! Oops...little bit embarrassing there. He then cleaned and marked my nipples, and I went and checked in the mirror that the marks
were in the right places. When I was happy, I went over and sat down whilst he got his stuff ready.

He clamped my left nipple first, then asked me to breath in, and pierced through on my exhale. My palms of my hands were sweating slightly at this point, more from adrenalin and nerves than anything else. It would be nice to say it didn't hurt, but it did! It was a strange kind of pain, very sharp but over very quickly. I did feel that odd kind of euphoria that you often get after a piercing – but knowing that the other one was to come was quite nerve-wracking. I was shaking a bit and quite nervous, but Sarge was so calm, and reassuring, chatting quietly about how he did this all the time, no problems, just going to slide the jewellery through now etc, it really did calm me down.

He popped the little tube through then inserted the barbell – again that hurt, but not unbearably so. That part was mostly just a bit uncomfortable. He then clamped my right nipple and repeated the procedure – this was a bit worse as I knew what was coming! Again fiddling with the jewellery was uncomfy, but mostly I was pretty relieved to have the piercing over! That said, I did (and do) enjoy the sensation of being pierced, it is a euphoric sort of pain, pretty sexual in a way really. Although the person carrying out the piercing is a professional, and that contact, from his point of view, is totally non-sexual, for me it is the sensation of being pierced itself that is sexual, not the person doing it.

Anyway, the two piercings finished, we had a chat about aftercare – I was advised to bathe each piercing twice a day with salt water and rotate the piercings at the same time, not to fiddle with them too much (or this can delay healing time) and to generally keep them clean. He advised against sexual contact for a fortnight (although they were far too sensitive and painful to be touched during that time anyway!). I left the studio very happy with my lovely new piercings.

When my bloke saw them, the reaction was incredible – he finds them such a massive turn-on, as do I. The sensitivity has increased, and they are great fun to play with! To anyone considering this piercing I'd say go for it – but do be prepared for them to throb and hurt for about 3 weeks. In short, this is a great piercing to have – but you do have to put in the effort to look after them for quite a while afterwards.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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