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At first I thought I was insane. Now I could not be happier

On my 18th birthday I decided to go get a piercing. I had actually been planning on going to Dragon's Den for another piercing for a while. I know the owner's daughter who happens to be a piercer there. I was not planning on getting my nipples pierced at all. I was actually thinking about four points or my rook. Well I ended up getting an industrial after Angel told me I would need to take my current navel piercing out because it is too shallow and four points would look like crap.

After, she told me that I deliberated on a piercing and decided on an industrial. Well after the industrial I needed a cigarette BAD because it HURT. Angel told my sister your next, she laughed. So I was like hey do me again. She was like what do you want done?? Hmmm, I really did not know, I already have cartilage on my left ear, nose, tongue, 3 in each lobe, navel, and the brand new industrial. What else could I do?? She threw nipples out there and I was like heck yea!! Which is quite hilarious considering earlier that day me and a guy friend of mine who I guess you would say has taken interest in my breast were talking and I said I'd never get them done. I went I have really sensitive nipples, they get hard really easy, Angel told me it was fine because they need to be as hard as possible when being pierced. She finished her cigarette looked at me and was like you are really ganna do this right? I enthusiastically said yea! She went in to set up while I finished my cigaret te. When I finished I went back inside, I went back to her booth/room and she asked me if I wanted them vertical or horizontal, she showed me hers and said if they are horizontal you can put stirrups in them, if they are vertical you can put dangly jewelry in them. I really was not sure, I asked what she thought, what my sister thought, what my friend thought, and her husband gave his input as well. They all said vertical. So vertical is what I got. I don't know too many folks with vertical nipple piercings, much less nipple piercings, so even though this piercing is a dime a dozen it is border line unique, at least around these parts.

When it was time for the piercing it's self Angel showed me an assortment of rings to choose from I chose one that is similar to what a navel ring looks like it has a curved barbell the bottom ball is about the size of a tongue ring ball them it has another connected to it and it has a loop on it like captive rings. There is a pink diamond looking thing in it, and the top ball is just silver metal. Her instrument trey had the jewelry, the needles, the clamp, ect. She put the jewelry in Vaseline, which is the stuff similar to hair gel (I have read a few stories where people could not identify what the substance is, it helps with the bleeding that is why piercers put the barbell in it), she told me to sit up so she could mark the path of the needle, I helped get my nipples hard, because though they get hard easy they were not as hard as they could have been because she is a female. As she was marking my nipples she explained to me that I have well developed nipples and, because I was getting a vertical piercing the needle would not be going through my areola and if I ever had a child and wanted to breastfeed I could take the ring out and do it, if I were to get them horizontally it would have rendered me incapable of breastfeeding. She also said, "but I don't think you care right now do you?" I didn't. After she marked my nipples she asked if they were good, I said I don't know you're the one piercing them, she laughed. After marking them, she laid the chair back so I could lie down. She told me that when she did the piercings it is very important for me to relax, she sits on her hands, so I promptly slide them under my butt. She told me they were going to hurt not as bad as the industrial, but they were ganna hurt. As she clamped the first nipple she told me a lot of people tell her that is the worst part. HAHAHA. I then told her if that is the case then it won't hurt at all. I did hurt, not, but as bad as I thought. The worst part is the treads, which she also warned I would feel. I told her it was not as bad as the industrial. When she got ready to do my second nipple she told me that it hurts worse. It does. Yet again, not as bad as the industrial. Though I did tell them, Angel, Theresa, Angels husband, that after my nipples I could no longer feel my ear. Oh and with Angel she is wicked fast and she does not play that count to three stick on two bull either she is the wham- bam- thank-you-mam type piercer. I actually turned my head for like two seconds and missed her pierce a friend's nose. For aftercare instructions her strongest DO NOT USE DIAL SOAP. She told me to use H2Ocean, she gave me the bottle so it was not to make money, it was obviously because dial causes problems, so don't use dial use some kind of sea salt or piercing aftercare antiseptic.

Angel told me a bra really helps, for me when they were first done no, but about an hour later yes it did. The actual piercing part is not what hurts it is after and when they are tapped, rubbed, ect. I woke up with blood crusted around the top and bottom of my piercing, I did not freak because I have quite a few piercings and I knew it was probably normal, it is. I did text Angel and ask her how long I would wake up with the crusted blood she responded not long. The blood lasted 3-4 days. I have the normal discharge, not much. If your discharge has a strong odor, if it is yellow or greenish it is infected, DO NOT REMOVE AN INFECTED PIERCING have it checked out immediately, and have the piercer tell you how to handle it, a rule of thumb is not to remove infected piercings without advise as it could cause the infection to get worse. If the discharge is white it is normal and sometimes I VERY faint smell is ok, you have to get close close to smell it. If you can smell it just

sitting there that's BAD. I found that bubble wrap helps if your bra does not have enough padding.

From stories I have read so many peoples piercings are not in the same exact spot on each nipple, mine are perfect. My nipples are A LOT more sensitive now which is saying a lot because they were already uber-sensitive. The guy friend I mentioned earlier told me not to get them done because I have really pretty nipples so I was scared to tell him about them, I managed to keep them hidden until we went to bed one night, he was tryin to get frisky and went for my boob I went oh not there, he went DON'T TELL ME YOU GOT THOSE PIERCED TOO. He made me show them to him, he told me they were sexy though he is disappointed that I ruined such a perfect nipple. He wanted to put his mouth on them; they were too new though so he couldn't. It generally takes nipple piercings 2-4 weeks to heal, so after that period of time feel free to enjoy oral pleasure, I can't wait. At first they took some getting used to, but I absolutely loveee my piercings. All in all I'd say go for it, it is a priva te piercing that is a surprise for a lover especially if you are a good girl like me. My piercings say different (laugh out loud).

Though they are not completely painless, nipple piercings are relatively painless to be pierced, it is that first burst of cold wind, the seat belt and accidental tapping after you need to worry about. I also have to give props to my speedy piercer. And of course to the Dragons Den I absolutely lovveeeee that place. I have become a piercaholic and I get perfect piercings there every time. I am actually planning to get either a helix-rook-conch industrial next or a daith-rook orbital next. I am also planning on some killer tattoos, because not only do they have super sanitary bomb diggity piercers, Dragon's Den's tattoo artists are the shiz-bim-bangle. Translation the tattoo artist's are very good too. Every employee is clean and professional.

I highly recommend that if you are in Augusta or the surrounding areas that you take a trip to the Dragon's Den it is well well well worth it.


submitted by: earthy_eyez14
on: 31 July 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Studio: Dragon%27s+Den
Location: 1894+Gordon+Highway+++++Augusta%2C+GA+30904-5659

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