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what a fun piercing

About a year ago, I decided to get my nipples pierced. I wasn't new to piercing, having had my lip done once and my nostril twice, but by that accord I wasn't very experienced, either. I had been browsing BME and considering it off and on, and on a whim with $40 in my pocket, I decided to get it done. I'd had bad experiences in the town I was living in at the time, but I had had a good experience before with Just Another Hole, so I decided to drive up to Tulsa, get it done, and head back home to surprise my boyfriend when he got off work.

I hadn't thought to call ahead and make sure they could actually do the piercing, or that my cash would cover it, but I was in luck on both accounts. It took me a few minutes of driving around town to locate the shop because they had moved since I had last visited them. When I arrived I was nervous, being the shy type, but I mustered up my courage and walked to the counter and told the woman I would like my nipples pierced. She chatted with me a little about it, and I selected some straight barbells – this would be an important decision, I would learn later – and I filled out paperwork and sat down to wait.

Eventually my turn came and I took off my top and bra and the piercer marked my nipples and had me check. As I looked in the mirror, my adrenaline was pumping and I didn't notice my right nipple was ever so slightly crooked. She had me lay on the table and clamped my right nipple. I did the whole breathing exercise, typical for piercings, and on the third breath she slid the needle through. Now it hurt a lot, but I had been expecting FAR worse, so it wasn't too bad. I joked with her as she put the jewelry in, and as she clamped my left nipple shes said, "Now I'm not going to tell you what most people say here..." and I laughed and told her I had read a dozen times on BME that the second was always worse. It was. Finally I had my jewelry in, and I sat up and walked to the mirror to check out my new piercings. I still didn't notice that my right nipple was off, but I was thrilled. I thanked the woman and left a small tip.

Driving home was interesting. I had an old VW bug at the time, which vibrated a lot, and I had about an hour and a half of highway driving to get home. It wasn't necessarily painful, but I was definitely aware of my nipples the whole way home. When I showed my boyfriend later, he was excited, and completely surprised. He still tells me it was his most favorite surprise ever.

I had read a lot about the LITHA method of healing piercings (Leave It The Hell Alone), but they were so fun I couldn't stop messing with them. Several months passed by and they had more or less healed. I've read that nipples take a lot longer than many other piercings to heal, but I think constantly playing with mine aggravated the situation. Of course I eventually figured out my right nipple was a tad crooked, but it honestly didn't bother me much, most of my body is asymmetrical here and there, so it was just one more thing.

I wanted to switch from barbells to rings at one point, and bought a pair, but I learned that making the switch from straight to curved jewelry on nipple piercings was very painful. I imagine it has a lot to do with the amount of flesh the jewelry passes through, since I have never had a problem with my nose, which I've switched back and forth a few times. I thought I might just leave the rings in overnight or for a few days, but by the second day I was concerned that my right nipple had a lot of pressure on it, and decided to replace the straight barbells once more.

Finally June rolled around, about 9 months after I had originally gotten them pierced. I was having a lot of problems with my left nipple acting up, and occasionally bleeding. I hadn't thought much about it, since I don't think I ever truly allowed my piercings to heal, but one day I woke up and had a sore on the top of my nipple as well. After a few days I took the jewelry out for a moment to better see what was going on. The left side of the nipple looked normal, but the right side had clearly migrated. There was no denying this fact, even as I put the jewelry back in and took another look. I left the jewelry in for another day; I couldn't bear to part with the nipple rings I loved, but I knew I'd have to take at least the left one out or risk it completely, and painfully rejecting itself.

Looking back, there were a lot of things I could have done differently to avoid this situation. For starters, I could have left them alone and actually let them heal. Before they started rejecting, I had started working out again, and I'm not sure whether wearing sports bras, which put a fair amount of pressure on them, was adding to the problem. It certainly wasn't the cause, but I'm not sure they would have gone as far with out that added to it.

I ended up taking out my right nipple ring as well, because I just didn't feel complete without the left one. I've only had them out a few weeks, and I already miss them. I plan to get them re-pierced (with rings this time) in a few months, and in the mean time, pick up some vitamin E oil to try to break down the scarring.

If someone mentioned to me they were interested in getting their nipples pierced, but apprehensive, I'd recommend they go for it! Mine may have not lasted very long, but I loved them, and can't wait until I have them again!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Unknown
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