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Not even half as bad as I expected!

Two weeks ago I had my last exam. As always, during the studying, the urge for a new piercing came up. It gives me a reason to reward myself for all the hard work and something to look forward to. I've already got a tongue piercing, septum piercing and four regular earlobe piercings but still there's a bunch of other piercings I'd like to have. I figured I'd just have to pick one thing from my list, which consists of two rook piercings, two tragus piercings, a VCH and two horizontal nipple piercings (yes, I'm really fond of symmetry!). I decided on the nipple piercings. I think they look very feminine and add something extra to ones breasts. So I made an appointment at Pirate Piercing in Turnhout and decided to just go for it.

Yesterday was the day. My friend and I took the trip to the studio. She wanted to get her collar bone-microdermals removed because they were constantly infected and got really in the way. She also wanted to get a 6mm dermopunch done. I just wanted to have both my nipples pierced horizontally. When we arrived there, Lucas, the piercer, asked us what we wanted to get done. We told him and he filled in the consent forms an had us sign them. When that was done, we entered the piercing area.

Lucas told me he'd pierce me first and I was so glad to hear that, since I had already gotten a bit scared. He noticed and said that nipple piercings on women are normally less painful than on men. He even told me that some women say they find the piercing a pleasant experience! I couldn't really believe this but okay, fine by me! I took of my shirt and bra and stood up in front of him. He disinfected my nipples and precisely marked me up, he even redid each mark to make sure they were completely straight. I love it when a piercer is as perfectionistic as I am, it puts me more at ease. I looked in the mirror and I approved. I had my friend double-check it and was then asked to lie down on the table. Lucas put the clamps on my right nipple. I always heard that the clamps are the worst part, but this doesn't count for me. It wasn't even a tiny bit uncomfortable. He then asked me to breathe in and out and shoved the needle through. I just said "Okay, this did hurt quite a bit!"
and I was surprised because I'd expected it to be way worse! I thought I would start screaming or crying! Lucas put the barbell in and told me that one nipple usually hurts more than the other one and that he hoped that for me, the first one would be the most painful one. I hoped so too. He put the clamps on my left nipple and when he shoved the needle through I was like "Okay, unfortunately this one dìd hurt more than the first one!", but still nothing too bad. When the second barbell was in, all was done. I couldn't believe it was already over! It was nothing to be afraid of! Just a sharp pinch. A small amount of pain that's over in less than two seconds! I walked to the mirror and admired my brand new piercings. They looked great and made me love my breasts even more! I was once again a happy customer. I didn't know if I would already be able to wear a bra (applying pressure on a fresh piercing doesn't really sound like fun) but that wasn't a problem, so I put my bra and
clothes back on and walked back to the piercing table.

Now it was my friend's turn. Her experiences went as smooth as mine (just a bit bloodier), so we were both very happy. We payed for our piercings, received the propper aftercare forms and left the studio, both smiling like a toddler that's just got a lollipop from his mommy.

Immediately after the piercing, I took a pain killer because I still had about a two hour-trip to do and I didn't want to have to do this in pain. When I arrived home, I put some of the aftercare-spray on my nipples and went to bed. Since I usually sleep on my stomach, I figured this would be a problem. The first night I tried to sleep on my side, but the second night I could already sleep on my stomach. I never expected all this to go that easy. My nipples don't even hurt anymore now, they're just a bit sore when I accidentally bump them with something. Now I notice that this actually happens a lot!

I hope the healing process will go as smooth as the piercing itself, but I guess that won't be a problem. I absolutely adore having my own dirty little secret!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Lucas
Studio: Pirate+Piercing
Location: Turnhout%2C+Belgium

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