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super quick, but not totally painless

I've wanted my nipples pierced for a long time, since I was fifteen or so, and just never really went in and followed through with it.. But yesterday (Sunday) morning I woke up at my cousin's house after a pretty boring Saturday night, and was like "Lets go get my nipples pierced."

She told me to call around for pricing, but I only called Artistic. I've had every piercing and tattoo I have done there, and really didn't want to go anywhere else. They quoted $30 per each hoop, and $40 per barbell. My cousin, who had hers done drunk on Spring Break in Florida for free, was complaining about it being outrageous, but i just blew it off and proceeded to call other places just to show her that the prices are the same (or higher) unless I go to some dark, dirty hole in the wall (which WASN'T going to happen). Finally she called her piercer from Orlando who told her it was a reasonable price (I don't know WHY she was so worried about it; its not like she was paying, but whatever) and we were on our way.

We walked into the shop, and I immediately approached Clint (who's done every piercing I have, other than my nose, which Danielle did) and told him what I was trying to get. He told me that unfortunately, he couldn't pierce my nipples, but told me Danielle would be happy to. I was perfectly okay with that, Danielle did my nose, so I know that tattoos with her are generally quick and painless, plus she's really laid-back and cool to talk to.

So I picked out stainless steel hoops; and Danielle set everything up. She took me into the room, and I started getting nervous. She told me to lose my shirt, and I sat, half-naked, on that scary black table for what I figured would be the worst piercing possible.

She took a Q-Tip and sanitized my nipples, and I kind of jumped and started laughing really loud. It was a really weird feeling! I was like, "Oh God, this isn't going to be good if I can't even take this part."

My cousin was laughing so hard she knocked the phone off the wall, causing both of us to erupt in ridiculously loud laughter. I wonder what the people outside (including our "boyfriends") were thinking?

I was still sitting on the table and I had to make sure I was going to be lying down for the piercing, because obviously nothing hurts as bad when you lay down, i guess? I don't know, I just couldn't imagine sitting up for it. She said that after I was marked, I'd be laying down.

She marked me and I got up to check, briefly glanced (I was really nervous by this point, and I trust her judgment) so I jumped back on the table and was just like, "Get it over with."

So she clamped me. I've never been clamped for any of my piercings, so I didn't know that the clamp really ISN'T pleasant. I was like "If the clamp even hurts, this piercing is REALLY going to suck, isn't it?"

So told me that the clamp generally hurts, and not to worry.

So here's the thing about Danielle. She moves REALLY fast. With Clint, he's very calming and walks you through it, and just has this way of making you comfortable. Danielle is absolutely amazing in the fact that she just knocks it out. I seriously was in the piercing room for maybe three minutes before she was ready to pierce me, and maybe five minutes total.

The actual piercing hurt, sure. But it wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated at all. I could definitely do it again if I wanted, but I'm glad it's over with. It was basically one second of sharp pain (per nipple), and then over (aside from the soreness that hasn't gone away, but it hasn't even been 24 hours). And yes, the second one hurt worse! So as soon as my jewelry was in; I paid Danielle and ran outside for a much-needed cigarette. One I got back to my cousins, I took an Ibuprofen 800, changed and settled down to relax. After a while, I stopped noticing that I even had them in, until I decided to roll over onto my stomach and pressed one into the floor. Not pleasant. :]

I'm pretty happy I went; I love the way they look.. I can't wait for the soreness to be over. I wish I hadn't worn a bra to get them done, because by the time I got home, they were killing me. I had to wear a tight-fitting shelf bra tank under my t-shirt yesterday, and today, and that kind of minimizes movement and tugging, so its not so bad.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Danielle
Studio: Artistic+South
Location: Indianapolis%2C+IN

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