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pushing my limits- Nipple Piercing

I guess I will start off with saying first: I am typically a shy person until you get to know me. I received Nipple piercings in April 19, 2008. It took so much for me to go and do that, but if I can do it anyone can!

Nipple piercing was not something that I have always wanted. It was more of something that I was drawn to. I work at a home improvement store and I am not allowed most of the piercings I want; however I've been able to sneak a few. I also have to consider that with the materials I work with (heavy boxes, lumber, insulation, and chemicals) what will work with me and what ones wont. (IE: why get something you know your only going to knock around and irritate?)

I received my first tattoo in Feb. and I have been itching for another piercing for a long while. It had been almost 2 years since my last. My one main problem is I have a somewhat of a fear of going into certain places by myself. My second is being pierced or getting a tattoo by myself. And my third I wasn't sure what I could quite get, to match my workspace dilemma.

My Boyfriend and I have had to become long distance about a year ago and so any who I was on the phone with him and I asked him what he thought about me getting another one and what he thought I should get. You see, He loves me for who I am but he isn't into tattoos and piercings himself. We are quite an unusual pair. Billie (the boyfriend) told me that he really liked Nipple piercing and I should go & do that but he knew I wouldn't by myself and that there is no one other than him I would take with me. I laughed at his answer. I hated the idea of getting that done and I told him it would be so unsexy and I just couldn't bring myself to whip out the twins to even do it.

I put his idea on the back burner. I went to work a few days later and was talking to my best friend Deb and I asked her what she thought I should get. Can you guess what she said? "Yeah I think not" again I told her. At that time Tasha appeared and we asked her.... Surprise, Surprise when she said "get your nipples pierced!" the only thing I could do was cross my arms of my chest and say "ow!"

So I got to thinking about it and of course reading the tales on BME. The more I read the more I thought about actually doing it. Within maybe 3 or 4 days I decided I wanted to. I proudly told Billie my plans and I decided that the next day off I had I was going to go and get it done. I already had the place picked out and everything; they even had a female piercer!

My day off came and I made sure I ate, and everything. I was so nervous I was almost sick. I went to my work to cash a check and told Deb my plans. She gasped and told me good luck. I had to stop at a wa-wa to get a drink and I decided to get some pineapple chunks: Bad idea... acid and nervousness doesn't mix. I slowly drove all the way down to the place and I pulled up. I sat in the car and called my boyfriend and said I was about to go in. He told me that I would be fine. And to call him afterwards. My feet felt like static. Even typing this and remembering it is bringing back the butterflies.

I walked in and was greeted by darkness. I didn't like the feel of the place. It was hot like no a/c was on and like I said, it was dark. The walls were purple and the floors wood. cool yeah, but I couldn't get a feel of the cleanliness. I peeped around the corner to see the only guy working there was doing a tattoo. He asked if he could help me, I told him I had a some questions about my potential piercing, thinking if we conversed maybe I could set aside my dislike of the place. It didn't work. I quickly left. I didn't like the fact he was with a client, and was trying to talk to me too. This place is known for being the best of the best but after going inside its just not a place I would go to.

I called Billie back. I was so upset I had my heart set of doing it that day. I ended up going back to my work and talking to Tasha and telling her of my plans. She was really shocked I even made it that far by myself. After That I decided whether I liked it or not I was going to get it done.

SO the next day I got off at 2:30 in the afternoon. I drove down to Hampton to Blue Horseshoe Tattoo. I had been in there to get pierced several times before but because I have moved recently and now it is like an hour and some change away that's why I didn't want to go there.

I hadn't been in there for almost 2 years. But after debating with myself and telling myself how I knew I would be upset if I didn't get it and how it wouldn't be anything to do it, yada yada. I made myself pull in the parking lot. Surprising walking was actually better than when I went to that other place. I didn't feel as nervous walking into the door. Immediately the white paint and clean checkerboard floor calmed me down.

Justin walked over to me and asked what he could help me with. I told him I wanted to get nipple piercings and that I was a little hesitant about doing so, I wanted to know the aftercare and all that jazz first because I couldn't find a straight answer online. Justin was diff easier to talk to; he has also done the majority of my piercing. He was able to give me undivided attention, and just really made me more comfortable being there than 'that other place' He asked me if I wanted to do go for it and after a pause I told him yes. I filled out the paperwork, and got my ID copied and all that stuff straight, and then he led over to the corner of the room.

He moved the 'movable wall things' (sorry I don't remember what they are called). He got the stuff ready. I was so nervous but I wouldn't allow myself to feel it. Justin asked me questions keeping the convo light but taking my mind off the whole ordeal. While he was checking to make sure he had the marks lined up, the had a Comedian on the radio, I had already heard the joke and really liked it and so I kind of broke into a giggle, as well as he cracked a smile. That led to how we didn't know the comedian wasn't a new as we both had thought... yada yada.

Time came for the needles to be shoved through my skin. 1..2...3 It was a shock but it wasn't anything to what I had thought it would be! The feeling that I was actually going through with it was awesome! Time came for the second hole I took a second to breathe and think about how I couldn't believe I was allowing myself to get my nipples pierced and how I was at blue horseshoe by myself. I said I was ready and got ready for it. The second one didn't hurt as much as the first. The barbell got put in and I was just about to jet home. Justin went over the aftercare again and all that jazz.

I so could not believe I had done it. I had to call Tasha to tell her! I also must say the difference in how I feel about my body has changed drastically overnight. I used to be really self-conscience and I still am a little but diff not as bad as I was.

The healing has gone really well. I did have to go back a week later to have longer barbells, because of the swelling. But other than that it's been the easiest ones ive gotten. Its kind of nice to have secret piercing not many other people know about. But what's even more awesome is the fact I accomplished so much by getting a piercing I originally didn't like.

If you are thinking of doing it: Go for it. And I HIGHLY recommend going to Blue Horseshoe Tattoo and getting pierced by Justin! He is a really nice guy. They whole crew there is awesome and professional. I can't say anything bad about them!

Happy Piercing!


submitted by: rockerchild14
on: 30 June 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Justin
Studio: Blue+Horseshoe+Tattoo
Location: Hampton+Virginia+USA

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