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Finally conquered my nerves!

I'm a 22 year old married lady from Nottingham, and I have been intrigued by the idea of pierced nipples for a very long time, it was just that my nerves kept getting the better of me. For about a month and a half I'd say I was going to get it done on a certain day, then find something else to do at the last minute! I work fourteen hours a day, six days a week, so it wasn't very hard for me to find excuses. Then I decided that I was probably chickening out because it was such an alien experience to me (I have no other piercings apart from my ears), so I thought that the best way to do it was doing it in baby steps, one at a time and ask questions first.

I had a free afternoon so I decided to go into Access All Areas in Nottingham to ask the piercer a few questions. I had found Access All Areas on the internet after reading several people's experiences and had decided that it was the place for me, It was a relatively quiet Friday afternoon and I went up the stairs (there are some really awesome graffiti designs on the walls!) and into their reception area. The girl on the desk answered all my questions really confidently, which put me at ease. She told me that they use freeze spray so I wouldn't be in pain, it would be more of a sensation of the piercing but nothing major. Feeling a million times more confident, I took a deep breath and asked if they could fit me in then. She told me they could fit me in at half past two and that I could either take a seat and wait or go get a coffee and be back in about 40 minutes.

I went to get a coffee in the department store just across the road but ended up browsing in the lingerie department and buying a very nice set as it was my husband's birthday and I wanted to surprise him. I was remarkably calm, which is most unlike me as I usually panic about the tiniest thing. I headed back to the studio, extremely level headed. The girl on reception gave me the forms asked me to fill out the paperwork and then told me to sit and wait. I was only waiting for about two minutes when I was called upstairs along with a guy who had also been waiting by Paddy, the piercer. He had some of the most amazing facial piercings ever and put me instantly at ease. He told me to sit down and wait two moments while he changed this guy's jewelry, which gave me a chance to look around. The place was just sterile, I could see my face in the tiles on the floor and it smelled of antiseptic, which was really reassuring.

Paddy took only two seconds with the guy, cleaned up and then called me through. That's when I started to get scared. I sat on the bed and he asked me which one I wanted pierced. I told him the left and he asked me to take my shirt and bra off on that side and got everything ready. I had chosen a flexible bar as both Paddy and the receptionist suggested it for my first piercing. Paddy sterilized the jewelry and explained the process to me. He asked me to stand up and marked me up with a purple marker. We both checked the dots and they looked fine, so he told me to get on the bed and we'd start. He clamped my nipple, which didn't hurt at all. Then he sprayed me with the freeze spray, which stung and felt almost as if he was spraying it onto a cut rather than just my nipple. He told me he'd put as much freeze spray on as he could without giving me frostbite, which made me laugh. Then he told me to hold still while he did the piercing. I squeezed my eyes shut and braced myself f or agony, but there wasn't any. I felt the needle sliding through my nipple but it was just uncomfortable rather than painful. I started laughing and said "is that it!?" which made him giggle. Then he put the jewelry in and screwed the ball onto the end. That was it!

I went downstairs and paid my 25 pounds and almost skipped out of the studio. I went home and showed my husband, who loves my new piercing. It's been two days now and there are no problems at all, I have been cleaning it with salt water twice a day and 3% hydrogen peroxide solution once every other day and there are no problems. It's tender and sore and there has been a tiny bit of blood while cleaning, but nothing major. I am definitely going back to get my right nipple done as soon as I have another free afternoon!

I would certainly recommend Paddy at Access All Areas too!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Paddy
Studio: Access+All+Areas
Location: Nottingham%2C+UK

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