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Nipples- Way worth the Wait

Ever since I got involved in piercing, I had wanted my nipples pierced. Too bad that I was only fourteen years old when I first got bit by the piercing bug. Flash forward four years to when I was finally eighteen. My birthday is March 15th, but since my friends had plans to skip school and go to various porn shops, strip clubs and buy cigarettes, the piercings had to wait. My boyfriend and I decided that St. Patricks day would be a decent day to go, since we both only had half days at school. So it was settled, I would finally have my nipples pierced Sitting through a boring day at school was hard on any given day, but on that day, I could hardly sit still. I had told all my friends about my plans, so they kept making comments about it, which just made me more anxious. Finally school was over and it was time to head out to the piercing studio. I had always gone to Steel Addictions for my other piercings, so I stuck with the pattern. I felt kind of goofy walking in and asking to get my nipples pierced since I am a realively shy person, but after kind of mumbling and avoiding eye contact, I was handed the paperwork and told that it would only be a few minutes til all the equipment was set up.
Once I was back in the piercing room, the first thing that happened was my piercer got out some little medical wipes to clean off my nipples and to get them all set to get pierced. He then asked if I wanted them vertical or horizontal. I never really gave the idea of having them done vertically much thought. I had always just assumed they would be done hortizontally. He then explained to me that there was a possibility the the piercings would sometimes look a little bit off, depending on how I was standing, etc. No big deal to me, considering boobs and nipples look different constantly I was not too worried about that. The peircer, Sean, was very professional in making the marks. He drew on some marks while I was sitting then had my repeatidly sit and stand to make sure the placement would look good in different positions. Since I have pretty large boobs (38DD) Sean suggested that we used a larger gauge barbell so the pressure would not cause the piercings to reject. After picking out the 10g barbells it was time for the actaul procedure. After changing his gloves about a million times, he got the needles out of their sterile packages along with the jewelry. Now I was getting nervous. The needles looked HUGE! My boyfriend told me that it felt like I was about to rip his hand off his body because I was sqeezing him so tightly. I did not know what to expect, since everyone I had talked to had said different things.
Deep breath in, deep breath out. After breathing out, he pierced the first nipple. Surprisingly, the first one did not hurt nearly as bad as I was expecting. The worst part was transfering the jewelry in, but even that was not too miserable. Next came the right nipple. Everyone I've ever talked to says that the second one hurts worse, and for me, this rang true. I only assume it's because the aspect of surprise was gone and I knew exactly what to expect. Either way, it HURT! The pain went away pretty fast when I looked in the mirror and saw how cute they looked. My boyfriend could not look away. I was so happy with the end result and it was surely worth the wait. There was a little blood to clean up, since I've always been somewhat of a bleeder with piercings. Nothing serious though. After giving him a tip, it was time to put my bra back on. I've heard mixed reviews about bras and fresh nipple piercings. I didn't really have much of a choice to wear a bra or not since my boob s are way too big to go braless. I don't think always wearing a bra put too much pressure on my peircings, but since everyone is different, I'm sure other people have different experiences. The aftercare really was a breeze for me. All my piercings have healed pretty quick, and my nipples were no exception. My cleaning routine included washing them with Provon soap in the shower then sea salt soaks in the evening. They were only tender for about three days, then back to normal in about a week. I avoided any sexual, rough contact for about a month, but after that, it was just too hard.
I've now had them pierced for over two years now without any problems whatso ever. If anyone is reading this and on the fence about getting them done, I totally suggest going for it!


submitted by: Orilind
on: 20 June 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Sean
Studio: Steel+Addictions
Location: Toledo%2C+OH

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