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A Very Good Experience

My eighteenth birthday was coming up, and for four years I had been planning for this experience. I live in a small town, so there were only a couple legitimate places I would consider getting pierced at. Two months before my birthday, I started exploring my few options of where I was to get pierced. At the time, I decided that the ONLY option I had in my area was a place called Cherry Bomb. I visited the place about three or four times before my birthday to ask questions and to get to know all the piercers. However, I really didn't want to get pierced there because the owner of the store, for some reason, always made me feel uncomfortable when I came in; she was always rude to me and acted as if she did not want any business from me. But I felt as though it was my only option.

Well, about a month before my birthday I started dating a guy named Tony. Shortly after meeting him, I found out he was a professional piercer. Right then and there I knew he was going to pierce me. Although I was a little unsure because he was a new piercer having only had six months of experience, he showed me pictures of work he had done, answered all of my questions with knowledge, and showed me all of his equipment he would be using. And to top it all off, he said he would charge me only $20 instead of the usual $100 (the perks of dating a professional piercer).

Finally my birthday came around, and I was on my way to meet up with him at the shop. He set up an appointment for me to come in at four. I was a bit early and I had heard about how it is always best to eat something before getting a piercing to avoid fainting or becoming light-headed, so I grabbed a bite to eat. After that, the moment was finally arrived.

Although I was dating him and was used to spending time with him outside of the shop, he acted very professional when it came to piercing me. He sanitized the table before I sat on it. I brought a girlfriend along for support, and she sat up on the table with me to hold my hand. He must have cleaned my nipples off about three or four times, and he changed his gloves more than I could count. I was very nervous; my hands were shaking and I could literally see my heart beating in my chest. He also cleaned off the stand that he put all of his equipment on he would be using. He put the needles in this odd like substance that looked similar to hair gel. Then he asked me to relax my arms against my sides, and marked my nipples. I looked at them, and agreed they were fine. He spent an eternity putting the clamps on to make sure they were aligned just right. Then, I already knew what to do from there, because I had been doing research on nipple piercings for the longest time. I starte d breathing in and out in deep breaths, he didn't count or anything, he just asked me to keep breathing. Then, in an instant, I felt the needle going through. Honestly, it wasn't HALF as bad as what I had expected. Everyone had me worried, telling me it was going to hurt like hell, even friends who had had it done themselves. I asked him to give me a minute before doing the second one, which by the time he got to it I wasn't even nervous anymore. Surprisingly, the second nipple didn't even hurt as bad as the first one, which everyone claims does hurt more.

I have read many stories about nipple piercings on BME, and I am very happy with my results compared to what others have had complaints about. There has been absolute no bleeding, no crusties, no discharge, and I can easily move the rings around without barely any discomfort. The pain afterward has been minimal, they are a little tender, but definitely bearable. The reason why I think I have little discomfort is because I have very small breasts, an A cup to be exact. In fact, that is the reason why I decided to get them pierced in the first place; I figured getting my nipples pierced would make them look sexier and would boost my confident, and getting them pierced has done both.

I am using H2Ocean about 4-8 times a day, and I either wash my hands or use anti-bacterial before even touching my nipple piercings (I am very paranoid about infection). I HIGHLY recommend using H2Ocean, it sprays on lightly and is very convenient if you want to bring it along with you in your purse.

I love my nipple piercings just as much as I imagined I would, and I definitely recommend getting them pierced. I'm not sure if everyone will have the same healing process as I have, but personally it has been a very happy experience. And the pain of actually getting them pierced was not bad enough for me to almost pass out or even get light-headed.

If you have read a couple stories about nipple piercings on BME, most end with, "The pain was worth it. If you want to get them pierced, you should absolutely go through with it!" Well, I agree. The pain wasn't even half as bad as I expected, and I even have a low pain tolerance! Now I have more to offer with my small A cup breasts, and my confidence is better than ever! JUST GO FOR IT!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Tony
Studio: Sea+The+Source
Location: WV

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