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"this is the worst part"

I've had my nipples pierced before & loved how sexy having them made me feel. & I'm sure any other girl with them done will tell you the same..There's just something about them that makes you feel hot.

But last July, I got approved for a breast reduction & they had to come out.

I was also told it'd be a good idea not to have them redone for quite some-time after- to allow for healing & such..yadda yadda.

So out they went & I went from an E cup to a C.

(That's a big difference when you're 5 foot 2.)

A couple weeks ago I got an itch to get them back in & decided I wanted to go get them done.

So a girlfriend of mine and I walked into Holy Mackeral/Visual Addiction of Saint Paul, MN. I've never been there before in my life let alone heard of it. It's a cozy little shop with the most phenomenal selection of organic jewlery i've ever seen. Sorry Saint Sabrina's, you've got nothing on them.

I was immediately greeted my Verno who has amazing facial work & a personality that would make him likeable by anyone..including your old-fashioned grandmother if she took the time to talk to him.

Being the sensation in my nipples isn't quite 100% I was nervous about getting them done. Also- having scar tissue from prior nipples piercings didn't make me all the more excited- but nevertheless, i wanted them back in.

I explained to him my surgery so it wasn't awkward when i took my shirt off. He explained how he's done scarification work on other gals who've had the reduction (which made me think about getting some done)

Forms filled out & everything, wait around, alright- it's go-time.

first things first- shit comes off.

It wasn't as creepy as I anticipated. He made everything feel more comfortable then ever & asked me to tell him a joke as he marked my nipples. I felt like a comedian on stage...minus a shirt. Of course I had to tell the classic joke:

"What's the sexiest animals on the farm?"

"brrrown-chicken brrown cowsss" (in a porno music tone)

We kept joking about how his bags of sea-salt looked like bags of cocaine. & told religious jokes that would make a christian cringe.

I laid down on the cold leather chair and my scars became more visible.

"my god, they must have sutchered the shit out of you, girl."

I laughed.

"yeah, I had quite a few stiches and staples in there"

"I think it looks awesome though..I mean I AM into scarification though."

.wait what...you think it looks AWESOME?

My god, i've been ashamed of these scars since the staples came out. They look like worms or something gross..gag. My mind was baffled at the fact he thought they looked "awesome".

but then i stopped..I look at scarification pictures every other day on BME & think about how beautiful some of the work is..so why isn't mine beautiful?

Just because it's not in some floral design or scarification done by an artist in some trendy shop doesn't make it ugly..it just shows something i went through..and yeah..maybe it IS beautiful. (hell, these scars were even paid for by insurance!)

By the time those thoughts cleared my mind & a couple of deep breaths later, the first barbell was already in. Nothing too bad, although it was a little more sensitive than before.

side note: the odd thing about my boobs is I can hardly feel light touch but I can feel sharp pain and squeezing. wierd.

So all of the sudden verno says "this is the worst part".

"huh?..OH FUCKKK!!"

& in that split second he "relaxed my nipple" (pulls on both sides of my boob so the nipple goes into a more natural position)

ok...ow. that WAS the worst part, thanks.

I was with a girlfriend of mine & they never did that when hers got pierced! I begged for it not to be done to the other side through laughter, although knew it HAD to be done.

After all was said & done, he sat me down and went over after-care with me. I really appreciated how personal he made everything feel about the whole situation.

He explained how he'd rather not be a "cookie-cut" piercing parlor...which is very respectable & something I think a lot more places should abide by.

My ladies have been healing wonderfully and I love being bra-less and being able to see them through a few shirts.

I find it quite sexy, thank you very much (:

& now with my fresh piercings I have reached a whole new level of appreciation for my scars.

Like I said- just because I didn't get them done..doesn't mean MY scars aren't beautiful.

it shows what i've been through just like everyone else's do.

& with my new metal through my nipples it only makes my breasts more beautiful in my eyes.


submitted by: saeglopurr
on: 16 June 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: el+verno
Studio: holy+mackeral
Location: saint+paul%2C+MN

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