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Nipple piercing at Fakir's piercing intensive

I got my nipples pierced by two students at the Fakir Piercing Intensive in San Francisco, taught by Fakir Musafar (http://fakir.org). I found out very last minute that the class needed more people for students to practice on; my decision to get my piercings done there was somewhat spontaneous. I liked the idea that if I someday decided to take out the jewelry and let the piercings heal (whether because they got infected, made my nipples way too sensitive, or just were taking too long to heal), it wouldn't feel like a complete wash to me, because the piercings would have also been a learning experience for someone else. (And they would have been free.) I would feel free to change my mind later without feeling too disappointed about it.

I was really happy that I decided to get pierced at the class rather than in a studio. It felt much more personal, and took much longer; one of my two piercers had never done nipples before, so there was a lot of instruction and advice being given as he marked me and got everything ready. We decided on 12 gauge, 5/8'' barbells.

I would have thought being pierced by novices would have made me more nervous, but I felt very safe throughout, and confident that my piercers knew what they were doing. The instructor sat next to me and had me focus on my breathing, grounding me and helping me "sink." Another person came up to my feet and gently rested his hands on them, then on my shins. It seemed perfectly natural, and felt comforting, like someone holding my hand.

The actual piercings were simultaneous — one piercer on each nipple — and slightly unexpected. I wasn't quite ready for the piercings when they happened, and was mid-breath. I gasped as they pierced me, and then started laughing at my reaction. Strangely, the pain in one nipple was sharper and more prominent (and felt better) than in the other, which felt duller and took longer to dissipate. The pain was somehow both more and less intense than I'd expected; at first, it felt stronger than I was ready for, but then, it also hurt for a shorter amount of time than I'd thought it would. The closest sensation I could compare it to would be having clothespins on your nipples for several minutes, then having them quickly snapped off. The only difference was that the piercing felt like a sharper pain (rather than the burning sensation I've gotten from clothespins), and the pain dissipated much more quickly.

Afterwards, I talked to one of my piercers, José, who'd never done a nipple piercing before. He told me about the endorphin rush he'd had while performing the piercing, which made the experience all the better; it was something that we had shared, not something that a detached professional had simply performed, not a service given. I'm generally not the type to be into the "spirituality" aspect of body mods -- and the workshop seemed to be heavy on that, with an altar in a corner, semi-trancy, "tribal" music playing, meditative breathing exercises, etc. But somehow, it all worked for me, and made the piercing experience that much more special and meaningful.

José took a picture with me, and both piercers gave me big (but gentle) hugs before I put my shirt on and headed home, lightheaded and blissed out. I couldn't have imagined a better piercing experience.

For the first week, my nipples were a little sore and extremely sensitive; it felt like I had clamps on them constantly. One of the side effects of this was that I was pretty constantly aroused, and sex during those first few days afterward was fantastic! No idea if this is a common occurrence... within a month, they started to itch, and that still continues. Saline soaks seem to take care of that problem, though.

Now, it's been about two months since the piercing. One of them is healing up really well, with only a little crustiness in the morning that washes away easily with saline. The other one, unfortunately, is getting pretty irritated -- it swelled up much more than the other, and so the ends of the barbell have been constantly squeezing the nipple, leaving little breathing room for the piercing to heal. It was getting really painful, and started bleeding a little. I finally decided to go get a longer barbell for it, and went to Industrial Tattoo in Berkeley. They quickly swapped it out for a more appropriate length -- 3/4'' -- and within a few days, it started to feel much better. I'm thinking about eventually getting rings for them, but I've heard barbells facilitate healing better because they're less likely to get snagged or caught on things.

Looks like they're well on their way to being healed. I love the way they look and feel, and can't wait until I'm able to play with them a little more.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Christina+and+Jose
Studio: Fakir%27s+Piercing+Intensive
Location: SOMA%2C+San+Francisco

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