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So I'd wanted a new piercing for a while as I had already had my left lobe and Helix, my Right Tragus and my left nostril, and I wanted something a bit different and more personal at first I was debating getting my hand webbing done but after reading about on this site decided against it and decided the nipple was the next step in my new piercing addiction.

That week I got my wages and after debating it for a few days, after school on a Wednesday with a couple of mates, I went down to my local piercing studio, Funky Divas as they had done my nose and I trusted them as I new it was clean and tidy. I didn't need to book it in as they weren't very busy. So I paid my £27 (Bargain!) filled out a form to check that I was old enough and that I didn't have any illness's that would put me at risk and walked through into the studio. It was a small and a very welcoming clean studio and had some brilliant pictures of piercings on the wall. Then Dan (The Piercist) came through and explained the procedure and asked if I had any questions, he then put on a new pair of gloves and took a brand new needle out of the box. I then picked the jewellery that I wanted from a selection he had brought in, he recommended that I have a bar as they don't catch as easily and are easier to look after, but I really wanted a ring so I told him and I found a nic e plain silver nipple ring. I then said no to the questions and then we started, first he marked the dots on my left nipple and let me check them in the mirror so I could see if they were in the right place and straight, I don't really remember checking properly as I was to excited and nervous, so I just lay back and let him do his work.

I lay there and he cleaned up the area with a wipe, and then put the clamps on and at that point I thought he done the piercing as that hurt like hell. He then asked me if I was ready I said yes and then BANG, one of the worst pains I have ever felt in my life! (Don't let it put you off it's definitely worth it!!!), It was a sharp pain that happened twice as he went in then out, I squeezed my mates hand as he fiddled about putting the ring and the ball on and my other mate was filming it as he thought it was funny seeing me in pain. Finally it was done, he held up a mirror so I could see it and I was so happy with it, It was perfect. He then put a big plaster on it and told me not to take off till tomorrow if I could and he gave me an aftercare leaflet. I then thanked him and left a very happy customer.

For the rest of the day all my friends kept bugging me and asking to take the plaster off but I stood strong and left it on. That night I managed to find a comfortable position so I would not knock it and so I slept fine, and in the morning I took the bandage off. There was a lot of dried blood but that came off fairly easy with a cotton bud and some hot water. I then just gave it a wash off in the shower. For some reason I didn't really use salt water to clean it I just washed it in the shower every morning and that did the job.

For the next couple of weeks I was very wary of it especially when walking down the corridors at school and then kept catching it as I pulled my top up to show people which was extremely painful and sometimes I even regretted having it pierced and wished I had followed his advice and got a bar, which he said I would not knock as often.

It is now 4 weeks in to the healing process and it now does not hurt at all and I can move the jewellery around with ease. There is no more blood just sometimes a bit of puss when I turned the jewellery around.

I think it is definitely my favourite piercing. I think its a lot more personal and feel a lot more like a real piercing unlike my ears. It also made my nipple a very sensual area an feels great to touch. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about it. But I would also greatly consider getting a bar, unless your sure you want a ring.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 June 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Dan
Studio: Funky+Divas
Location: Barnstaple

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