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Getting my nipples pierced

Ok, first, let me just say this. It is painful to get the nipples pierced. Duh! Having said that though, I got mine done a week ago, and LOVED it! I have been wanting to get them pierced for about 5 years now, but have been in a long-term relationship and have had to take his wishes into account as well. Finally, we both agreed that I could and would get them done and I began my rather exhaustive research

First began the search on what kind of jewelry to get. As I have a list of allergies a mile long, stainless steel, with it's miniscule amounts of nickel, was just not for me. Niobium was an option, but I have always loved titanium, to the point of having both my engagement and my wedding band done in titanium, so I knew titanium was the way I was going to go.

Anodization was the next issue. Some piercers seem to think it was bad for an initial piercing while others were ok with it. I decided to just find a piercer and go with whatever they said was cool.

The threading on the jewelry though, had to give me the biggest problem. It seems like NOBODY did internally threaded! I was extremely frustrated to say the least. It was beginning to look like captive bead rings were in my future. And I so did not want that. I wanted a straight barbell.

I looked at probably every piercer within a 20 mile radius of where I live. Very few did titanium and I definitely was not risking stainless steel. After hours of looking, I finally found a piercer here in Indianapolis, who allayed all my fears. If you live in Indianapolis, or nearby, I HIGHLY recommend Aesthetics Body Mod.

I called them up and got all the information. They are an all-disposable, all titanium piercing specialists. I was thrilled! All the jewelry was titanium and all internally threaded! YES! Furthermore, they used no clamps, so no additional trauma was added to the piercing sites, and used all animal free products. I loved the all-natural thing, as I am asthmatic and allergic to like half the planet, so it was great to know I wouldn't have to worry about being allergic to some cleaner and that making it worse. So, relieved to have finally found the perfect piercer, we made my appointment for that day and off we went.

Of course, we got lost on the way there, so we had to call and get directions from Allen (co-owner and piercer).

The shop was adorable! I was so nervous when I got there, but Marea was so knowledgeable and friendly that I instantly relaxed. She talked to me about what they did, how it was going to happen, and let me pick out my jewelry and the color I wanted it anodized. I, of course, picked purple as that is my favorite color. They pierce all in barbells, but that was my preference anyway as I so did not want to have to deal with a CBR. I picked out 12ga (what they recommended for nipples) purple titanium straight barbells. I was taken back to the piercing room, had my nipples measured, was shown the autoclave, and allowed to ask even more questions. After coming back out, I signed all the paperwork, and then wandered off to a nearby bookstore while my jewelry was anodized and autoclaved. When we came back, it was time for the piercing.

I was sterilized, and then first nipple was pierced, and MAN did it ever hurt! But it faded quite rapidly. The second one hurt even worse! I could feel the needle going in and then pulling back out, and feel the jewelry going in! It was WEIRD! That one too faded rapidly. We were even able to go out to dinner and a movie afterwards with very little discomfort on my part. After the piercing, she cleaned up the little blood there was, put Tegaderm patches on me, and ran through the aftercare with me again.

I definitely recommend the sea salt soaks. They are very soothing. I have had very little issues so far with healing, even though i am not a particularly fast healer. I have had almost no additional bleeding and surprisingly little discomfort. I find I prefer to wear a sports bra when I go out anywhere, although that may just be personal preference. I find that i am almost constantly aware of my nipples now, in a way i hadn't been before. I can't wait until they are totally healed!

While I found my first non-ear-piercing experience to be slightly painful, I also found it exhilarating. I love looking at the tiny little balls looking like they are hugging my nipples. I am already planning my next trip back to Aesthetics, and can see this becoming a bit of an addiction for me. I so highly recommend finding a specialists, one who does just piercing. If you live in the Indianapolis area, and are looking into getting a piercing, I'd definitely recommend Aesthetics! And if you are on the fence about getting that piercing done that you want, I say go for it! I did, and I am thrilled with it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 June 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Marea
Studio: Aesthetics+Body+Mod
Location: Indianapolis%2C+Indiana

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