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fourth or fifth time's a charm

As with many of my piercings, I will have them done only to remember what a die- hard perfectionist i am. My Labret, which now sit perfectly and snugly right below the center of my lip, took a whole five times to get right, starting with a haphazard boyfriend piercing it with out marking or hesitation (imagine someone grabbing your lip and shoving a needle through it in the course of about two seconds). That came out really crooked, and then I thought going professional was the answer, but so far I have found that professional peircers are almost just as likely to screw it up. At least the ones I went to, and I think that either I have bad luck with professional peircers, or I just have unreasonably high standards. It could be a combination of both, and that's even more unfortunate than one or the other. Anyway so any piercing that I can do myself, I do myself now, because at least if I mess it up I won't be 50 dollars broker and I will have no one to blame but myself. It too k me another three times to get that one right, but at least I only spent another 3 bucks or so, on sterile needles and stuff like that.

So, onto my nipple piercing! That is a similar story. The first time that I had my left nipple pierced was on my eighteenth birthday, my best friend got if for me for a birthday present. It was totally impulsive, and when she brought up the idea and said that she would pay for it, I couldn't resist such an impulsive and exciting thing! Plus I could do it legally for the first time ever! It was fun, It hurt, but I had a soothing and gentle man doing the procedure (his name was Rob and he works at Yankee Tattoo in Burlington, VT and I highly recommend him) My boyfriend at the time loved it and was constantly trying to take a peak at it in public places, which annoyed the shit out of me. Anyway, I broke up with him and became very depressed a few months later, and ended up taking the piercing out for reasons that I can't remember. I have a tendency to take piercings out for good when I feel the need for some kind of spiritual or mental "cleansing" of my self- image, I think tha

t's what that was. I'll also cut my hair and change my wardrobe and things like that, I just felt sick of myself and everything about me.

Onto the present, and past those shitty times, and my nipple piercing is back; and I love it! Although it did take about 4-5 month and a few misfires to get it right.

I went to a guy at the Tribal Eye in St. Albans to get it done with the same friend from when I was 18, we were both going to get it done. Funny coincidence, right? The Guy who did it for us was really a nice person, but probably had about two brain cells. He pierced My friend and she nearly jumped off the table, but he did a good job on her, it was straight and flush with the areola. Then onto me, with the marking and then the clamps and I didn't remember the pain being quite so.... Searing? It isn't the worst experience; it's kind of a strange and intense pain that isn't entirely unpleasant, at least to me, but I kind of like having my nipples pinched, hard.... The worst pain is after.

So it's done and the guy gives me a lollipop and is really coddling and seems genuinely concerned for our health. Plus he was really cute! But as I look in the mirror, I notice that although the ring is straight, it is totally halfway up the side of my nipple on one side! Bad news! It's totally lame, but I didn't say anything. I guess that cute guys can have this effect on me  I lost 50 dollars that day and a chunk of self-respect. I took the ring out that night.

I decided that I would do it myself. I went to the farm supply store and bought a couple of sterile hypodermic needles, I think they're intended for tagging the ears of cows. I had some experience with that from doing my lip.  I boiled the jewelry that I still had from that night at the tribal eye, except for that I replaced the ball with a pretty pearl bead. Washed the area, broke out the needle, shoved it through my right nipple this time, ouch, it's crooked. The pain of a just having a nipple piercing done, not the piercing itself, but afterwards for an hour or so, Is some of the most intense pain that I have experienced. Nothing else in my life has been painful enough for me to feel really sick to my stomach like that. So I took it out. Over the course of three tries, I perfected my methods and finally got it right. The second time I tried to pierce my left one again, but I used emla cream to numb the area, which made it *completely* painless, but also made the nipple sl

ippery and slimly as hell, causing me to piercing it in the wrong direction.

Ok, The final Piercing that I am happy with. I let the left nipple heal for a month or two. Washed my hands, Boiled the jewelry, laid out all of my supplies on a paper towel- sterile gauze pads, band-aids, alcohol prep pads, the needle, emla cream. Put the emla on my clean nipple, let it sit of 10 minutes. Washed it off entirely, wiped with alcohol pad, dried the area completely with a sterile gauze pad so there would be plenty of friction to hold onto the nipple and make sure that I got it straight. Pierced it OH SO Slowly. That was the most painful time yet, I felt every little bit of it in excruciating detail, from breaking through the skin the first time, and I think I hit a nerve in the middle because it HURT, to finally and super slowly breaking through the skin on the other side, watching that needle break through my sensitive skin. but I got it perfectly flush, slightly vertical just the way that I wanted. The angle is sort of like this : \ on my left boob. Wonderf ul. I have been treating it with H2Ocean, I'm planning on taking a mostly salt water approach to healing, because I'm starting to think that antibacterial soap isn't actually all that good for piercings. I also plan to order two internally threaded barbells, to replace the ring and to pierce the other one. I love it! Hopefully the next one with be perfect on the first try!


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on: 05 June 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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