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Oh my god it hurt, but it was definitely worth it

Tuesday May 13, 2008, I awoke with an itching to get something done, an itching that I hadn't felt this strong in years. I had actually had this notion for quite a while. I had gauged my ears up to a 00 the Friday before, but it just wasn't enough. I really, really, really needed more. I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted either a tattoo or a piercing. I wasn't sure what I wanted tattoo-wise, but I did know that I wanted my nipples pierced. I have been wanting them done since I was about 16 (I'm 21 now). Either that or a surface piercing in my lower back that I will hopefully be going back to get done soon enough.

So I drove down to the Dark Side of Spartanburg and walked in. Unfortunately the piercer wasn't there. Apparently he was sick and had left. But I knew if I didn't do them today, I would procrastinate and it would be a really long time before I finally got them done. So I drove over to Body Links of Spartanburg. It was funny because when I got there, the piercer from the Dark Side was at Body Links talking to Michelle, my piercer. He was actually trying to convince me to let him and Michelle pierce both nipples at the same exact time. I declined. I told Michelle what I wanted, she had me fill out several papers, sign and date them, gave me some information and she then took me back.

She told me to have a seat and take my top off and let her see what she was working with. She explained to me exactly how the procedure was going to work and what I would experience. I showed her my ears and she told me this would be a piece of cake for me. Then she prepped my nipples with some kind of surgical stuff. All I remember is that it smelled like antibacterial soap. Once she had everything she needed ready, she marked the dots on my nipples, took the tongs, and placed them in the right spot on my right nipple. Then she took a cork and placed it on one side of my nipple for the needle to slide into. She told me to take a deep breath in. I did so and she shoved the needle through my nipple and into the cork. Then she took the tongs off and let the needle sit for a moment. I just stared at the steel needle in my nipple with the cork on the end. Amazing the things one can do to their own body. Then she slid the needle out, sliding the 14g barbell in behind it. She screwed the ball into the end and came around to the other side with her tools.

The first nipple, my right one, wasn't that bad. It actually hurt less than gauging my ears up did. Well, I have always heard that one side of the body is more sensitive than the other. These words flashed through my mind as she was prepping my left nipple. I knew this one was going to hurt.

She did everything the same as before with the tongs and cork. When she pushed the needle through my left nipple, I think I screamed. Goddamn, it hurt. But it was well worth it. She finished me up, told me to get dressed and gave me the shop number if I had any questions and told me to make sure I cleaned them with antibacterial soap several times a day.

When I left the shop, the right one, that didn't hurt much when she pierced it, was sore and the left one, that I think the nearby stores heard me screaming about, didn't hurt at all. But I left with an enormous smile. Man, did I need a cigarette though.

The day after I got them done, my right one started to bleed. I got a little worried about it because I had been unable to clean it while at work, but I cleaned it as soon as I got home and sprayed the solution that Michelle gave me on it and they're both just fine now. So far today, there has been little crud and no more blood so I'm happy.

I can't wait for my 6 weeks to be up!! It has only been two days since I got them done and I'm dying to play with them. But I know I have to wait or there could be some serious problems. I also know that it was well worth the pain. I wish anyone that wants to get theirs done the best of luck. I found it to be a great decision, and I'm sure you will too. If I had to, I would do it again.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Michelle+Moore
Studio: Body+Links
Location: Spartanburg%2C+SC

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