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Numbers five, six, and seven...

So, after over two years of contemplating the idea of getting my nipples pierced I finally put the idea into a serious motion. I had gotten around to asking me somewhat recently new boyfriend, Brian, whether or not he had any problems with this and his exact words back to me were, "I love it when you say things like that."

With his stamp of approval on the idea we finally set a weekend, which was the weekend of May 9th. I was planning on getting my nipples done and per his request my belly button as well. I didn't have much of an interest in getting my belly button pierced but I'm a bit of a masochist so I shrugged my shoulders and went with it.

I already had four piercings prior to these three new additions and was very happy with them. I had the basic ear lobes, the rook of my right ear, and then also my left eyebrow. Honestly, I'd rather get my eyebrow pierced again then get an upper lip wax but back to the story...

I made my appointment with Joe, the amazing piercer at Irezumi's. He had pierced my rook three years ago so I was very comfortable with the idea of him piercing me three more times.

The Saturday finally arrived and Brian and I drove there and were helped right away. The paperwork went fast since I've been a previous client and I was lead into the piercing room after Joe had made sure everything in there was clean and sterilized. I sat down in the chair and we decided to do my belly button first since it would most likely be the easiest.

Joe had everything ready to go and after a few deep breaths I barely felt a thing as the needle went through my skin. It just felt as if someone had squeezed me there - you know, more pressure then any pain. That was simple enough.

Then came the time to have my nipples pierced. I'd read several articles here on BME and was a little nervous but nothing serious. We decided to do the left nipple first and I remember holding Brian's hand and looking away while Joe was piercing me. Now I'll be perfectly honest, the first one hurt. I was clenching Brian's hand and had my eyes squinted and even made a little yelp of pain. Once the needle was through though everything was okay. I then prepared for the worst in regards to my right nipple since everyone I know says that the second one hurts worse. As I felt the needle go through it wasn't nearly anywhere bad as the first one and Joe thought that was a bit funny himself. No yelping, no trying to break Brian's hand - just me being a big baby about it but no pain. Like with the belly button, just pressure.

Now I had three new piercings and not a single one of them were bleeding. Don't know if I got lucky or if this is random but I'm glad.

The rest of the day I lounged around Brian's house without a bra and one of his shirts since they're bigger on me and we watched movies the rest of the late afternoon and evening. Sunday I was still a little sore but wearing a bra didn't bother me at all. Then Monday came and as long as the piercings didn't snag on anything (i.e. - clothing) they didn't bother me at all.

It's now been about 3 weeks since I was pierced and I'm still thrilled with my piercings, especially the nipples. I'm not too sure on what the average healing process and timing is for them but lets just say that Brian has had fun playing with them and they don't bother me one bit. The belly button caught on a lot of clothing but other then that it is doing well too.

Now I am blessed with seven piercings and am not sure if I'll be getting anymore in the future. I've always been really picky on piercings on my face since I work in an office building and I already get enough weird looks with my eyebrow piercing. I've considering something else with my left ear but that's all something in thoughts for the future.

My next modification will most likely be another tattoo. I have one already that was designed myself - a tribal dragon that is to the left of my left collarbone and stands about 2 inches tall. Currently I'm designing something Norwegian to adorn myself with being that my ancestors are from Norway.

Overall though it was a mostly pleasant experience getting my nipples pierced and I must say that it was totally worth it and would recommend it to all women who are interested.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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