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Not as bad as it seems

I just now got this piercing done. I had been wanting this piercing ever since I took out my tongue ring a few months ago. I only have ever had two piercings before this - my clitoris hood and my tongue. I was really nervous about getting my nipples pierced because I had read a lot of stories on here about how much it hurt, and how the second one hurt a lot worse than the first. I hated healing my tongue (what a pain in the ass), so if was going to hurt worse than the tongue I wasn't sure I wanted it. I went into Nathan's twice before I got it done. I talked to Kendra, who is GREAT about thoroughly explaining the WHOLE procedure, the fact that they only use implant grade internally threaded jewelry, they only freehand pierce, NEVER use any piercing gun (bacteria EVERYWHERE on those) what gauge they would use and why, what type of jewelry she recommends and why and everything in between. They are SO COMPLETELY knowledgeable, I wouldn't go anywhere else. Anyway. Today when I went into Nathan's, Dallas was the piercer on duty. I kept asking him if it was going to hurt as much as they said it does, and he kept telling me it was all in my head. It's going to hurt as much as it's going to hurt, and there's really not much else you can do. He told me he had his nipple pierced five times and he hated being pierced. We agreed that the tongue was a bitch to heal and he assured me that the nipple would be nothing like the tongue.

When it was time, we went into the back room where it was completely sterile and organized. He must have changed gloves ten times. We spent most of the time prepping for the piercing. He marked my nipples so they'd look symmetrical and cute. It wasn't even awkward being half naked and showing my boobs to this guy I see every so often. He spent about ten minutes making sure the marks were perfect, and showed me in the mirror. After I was satisfied with the markings, he had me sit down on the bed thing and he went through what was going to happen, how the procedure was done, and how to do the breathing for the piercing (deep breathe, and they pierce on the exhale). He explained that if he wasn't completely satisfied with it, he would re-pierce it right then and there, or I could come back in a week and he'd do it for free. It doesn't happen often, but he wanted me to know any possibilities that might happen. It didn't hurt worse than my clit hood piercing, which was a quick sharp pain, but I definitely felt the needle go through the skin. I psyched myself out for it. By the way, the second piercing doesn't hurt worse than the first. He explained that the reason people think it does is because they thing "oh no sweat, I know what to expect now" but they often underestimate and it hurts worse. For me, it actually hurt less. It might have been because the second nipple he did for me is slightly smaller than the first one. I actually was visualizing that he would give me more time between the two nipples, but he just jumped right in and was like "cool, next one!" which made me feel a little better because I didn't have time to freak out about it. He initially put the same size in both nipples, but when I looked at them, I decided I needed a larger bar in the bigger nipple. They started to bleed a little bit when I moved my breast, which is normal (but all bleeding is supposed to stop within twelve hours, I guess) so he gave me some sterile gauze to put over until it healed. He told me to sit for as long as I needed so I wouldn't pass out or anything.

Afterward he spent another fifteen minutes on aftercare, which I've heard before because I have done all my piercings through Nathan's. Regular distilled water and sea salt mixed together and soak at least twice a day for five to ten minutes.

Overall, it wasn't worse than my clit hood piercing, it was more like a dull pushing pain. I definitely felt the needle go ALL the way through, but it's over before you know it. I wore a sports bra because I hear it helps keep the girls in place better than a regular bra. I can already tell that I'm going to need a padded bra because if I weren't wearing a lot of layers right now, you can see the piercing no problem. Afterward, it stings more than hurts. I'd recommend it, but don't psyche yourself out. It doesn't hurt as bad as they say.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Dallas
Studio: Nathan%27s+Anthems
Location: Redding%2C+CA

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