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Nipple piercing bonding experience

Let me start off with a little background on me. I have three sets of piercings in my lobes, a rook, a conch, a lip piercing, and my nipples (I have had to remove my tragus and industrial conch due to complications). While at college this past year, I had wanted to get my nipples pierced but I could not find anyone who was willing to get them done with me. I am so use to getting piercings by myself that I had finally wanted someone else to know what I was going through at the same time. After months of doing research and reading stories on here, I had told a friend about the complications and pain and she had agreed to get her nipples done as well.

One day after class, we had decided to open up the local phonebook and start searching for places to get pierced. I know that was probably not the best way to search out piercing shops, but not being from Valdosta, I did not know where to even start looking. We were stuck between a few shops until we had settled on going to RNR. We called, asked what time they were closing, and made a trip to the shop to get the piercings.

When we arrived, we found out that the piercer was also a tattoo artist and was the only one in the shop. She was doing a sleeve for a gentleman when we walked in. After waiting around for a tiny bit, the piercer/tattoo artist approached us and asked how she could help us. We told her that we were looking to get our nipple pierced. She then informed us that she had about 2 hours worth of work to do on his sleeve and asked us if we could return. This was fine with us because we had an organization meeting in 30 minutes.

We went back to the school, went to the meeting, and then rushed back to the shop to find out that it was "closed". She had turned off the open light so she could focus on the sleeve for the rest of the night. Eventually, we got her attention and the gentleman who was getting the tattoo was nice enough to take a long enough break so we could get our piercings.

After filling out the paperwork and showing the proper ID, we left two of our friends in the little lobby while we were escorted into a room. We watched as she cleaned all the surfaces in the room, set up the tools, and pulled the needle out of the sterile packet. My friend went first so that she would not chicken out. She sat down in the chair, got marked, and I held her hand (probably harder than she was holding mine). She was clamped, pierced, and done. There was a bit of bleeding because she was anemic and was so nervous that her blood pressure was high enough to cause the piercing to bleed. Next it was my turn. The piercer repeated all of the steps to serialize everything and got new equipment. I sat down, got marked, clamped, and now for the needle. I have had a few piercings that kind of hurt, but I must say getting your nipples done is a whole different kind of pain. Our friends that were in the lobby said I was being really loud and whiny about it. All I could actually say was "Ouch! That kind of hurt." Putting in the jewelry was the most painful part to me, next to the second needle going through. When we were both pierced and done, we got dressed and went back out to the lobby where everyone wanted to see our new piercings. So far only my friend that got it done with me has actually seen mine. She is a little more open about it than I am and will show almost anyone hers.

Getting your nipples pierced is by far that most interesting experience I have had. The only way we could describe it to our less pierced friends is that it feels like someone taking nail clippers after your nipples. Ouch. We were both in pain for about 3 or 4 days. Having pressure on them actually felt better than not having anything at all but a shirt on. It is now about 3 months later and I still have both of mine. My poor friend actually got one ripped half way out by her dog and her blankets, so she had to take hers out. A few hints would be to clean them like you have never cleaned any piercing before because that is not a place you want an infection, wear a tight piece of clothing to bead and make sure nothing can get snagged on your blankets, and NEVER lets someone "accidently" hit them and get away with it. I had someone hit me a few weeks ago, and I nearly fell to the ground crying in pain. Over all, I would recommend this piercing. It is by far my favorite.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Studio: RNR
Location: Valdosta%2C+GA

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