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My nipple piercing experience

Since I was about 16 years old, I had a strong want and urge to get my nipples pierced, but at the time I was not old enough, I was too nervous, and my boyfriend, Alex did not want me to get my nipples pierced. So, in order to respect his wishes, I did not. It was about a week and a half before I got them that Alex, who is now my husband, looked at my breasts and said that he wanted my to get them pierced. I gave him a confused look because he brought it up out of nowhere and he actually wanted me to get them done. My excitement to get them pierced came back after about two years of thinking that I would never get them. I was so nervous throughout that whole week. On Friday, March 28, 2008, Alex drove me down to Second Skin. When I walked in, my piercer and tattooist, George Smith (whom I have known for almost 10 years), was standing at the counter. He has already pierced my belly button and tongue and had done my two tattoos. I was so happy to see him for I had not seen him in over a year and I just knew that he would take good care of me like he always has. He smiled at me and I told him what I wanted. He handed me the paperwork to fill out and I asked him how much it would cost me. He told me that to get both, it would cost $120 because it was $60 at the time for one, but because it was me, he told me that it would cost $100. Then he told me that he had to finish a girl's outline on her tattoo, which was fine with me. While George was finishing her tattoo, I was busy talking to one of his friends and my husband. George's friend said that I was brave and even asked if he could watch. I laughed, telling him no. When it was finally my turn, I was extremely nervous as we walked into the room and closed the black curtains to give us privacy. Luckily, the girl that had her outline done by George had her nipples and her clitoris pierced. I actually let her in the room with me, Alex, and George and let her watch. George calmed my nerves down a bit and for some reason, the girl being there helped as well. I stood in front of George and he told me to take my shirt and bra off and I did as he told me to. He cleaned my nipples and marked them. Thankfully, George had me lay down for my new experience. I nerves were working back up. Alex held my hand and the girl spoke to me. George clamped my nipples and it seemed like forever before the needle went through me. I screamed as though I was having an orgasm, but the feeling was far from it. The pain was excruciating and my body shook from it. George slid the circular barbell in, which hurt as well. I informed him afterward that I felt nauseous and he refused to pierce my left one until I felt better. When I felt somewhat normal again, with permission, he clamped my left one. It did not seem to take as long for the needle to penetrate my skin. That time, I did not scream, but I did make noise and almost started crying from the pain. My body started to go into shock and my vision started to become blurry. I refused to let my body take control and make me pass out. I still did not dare get up as the feeling went away and the nauseous feeling came back. After about a half hour of laying there in the room with my breasts still exposed and George popping his head in every now and then to check up on me, I finally got up. As sore I was, I was able to put my bra back on, but only very cautiously. Alex helped me to clasp the back. It was not as painful to put my shirt on, but it did still hurt. When we got out of the room, we sat in the waiting room so I could talk to George. It is now May 26, 2008 and my breasts are doing well. I do not regret getting them done, even though they hurt as much as they did. I have not shown anyone except for Alex, but I have told a few people. I love them being pierced and love the fact that I have circular barbells instead of straight because it has always been easier for me to clean my piercings (excluding my tongue) with circular barbells. Every so often they get a little sore, but other than that, they are healing beautifully.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: George+Smith
Studio: Second+Skin
Location: Meriden%2C+CT

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