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I'm just gonna do one.. Wait, why don't we just do the other one, too?

The other day, being Friday, May 23rd, I was planning on hanging out with my cousin. She had asked me to design a cover-up tattoo for one that she had done many, many years ago. I asked her Friday if she wanted to go get it done, since I was going to be with her anyway. She decided she would, and that was what we planned on.

But as I was packing up some clothes to stay over at her apartment, I thought about getting something done. Not a tattoo; I didn't have the money. (I got my first one back in January, anyway.) My mom didn't want me to get a facial piercing because it would upset my dad (even though I'm 18), and since they're paying for my gargantuan college tuition, I thought it would be polite not to get my lip or something done. I've already had my ears done multiple times, with 3 lobes & an industrial (which has keloids, unfortunately) in my left ear and 5 lobes in my right ear. And I didn't want my belly button done. So, my decision was the beautiful and intimidating nipple piercings.

I got in the car and as we were driving, I told my cousin I wanted my nipple pierced. Just one, to see if I could handle the pain. If it hurt too much, why would I want to experience it twice?! My industrial had hurt SOOO bad. She was shocked, but she told me if I wanted it done, she'd take me. Awesome, haha. So while we ran errands and got some dinner, I sat and thought about what it would feel like.

Once we were at the parlor (we went to Outrageous Ink, a place she swears by), my cousin was asking about costs for her tattoo. When the girl at the counter had a moment, I asked her how much a nipple piercing would cost. She told me it was $10.75. That's amazing!! So, I gave her my ID stuffs and signed the waiver and everything. After a LONG wait, she took me back to the little piercing nook and my cousin came with me. The girl, named Jess or something (I never heard her name, at least not clearly), put up a sort of folding wall to block it off so I wouldn't have to show everyone my boobs. Haha. My cousin stood and made sure everything was sterile and that Jess did everything right. Another girl, who was doing an apprenticeship at Outrageous, also stood back there to watch.

Jess told me she only had 16 gauge. That was fine--I didn't want a huge barbell anyway. My industrial was 14 gauge and I couldn't really imagine that being in my nipples. And I didn't want to, either.. I pulled up my shirt on one side and pulled up my bra. My cousin stated, "We have the same boobs." The apprentice girl laughed, and Jess said, "Well, you ARE cousins." She marked my nipple with a purple marker--she started to mark it horizontally and then realized that I wanted them done vertically. So she re-marked it and started getting everything else ready. I looked away when I saw she had the needle there, and she told me she was going to count to 3. She didn't use clamps, either, which was sort of relieving. I heard they hurt really, really bad. But so she said she'd count to 3, and she went, "1, 2, shove okay I'm a liar but it's done." It hardly even hurt! It was just a slight pinch. I felt it rip through the tissue but it didn't hurt and it didn't bleed. Giddy now, as she transferred the jewelry, I said, "Wow, I thought I was gonna scream and cuss..!" The apprentice said, "You might as well do the other one." I thought for a second and asked Jess, "Can I?" She said, "I don't care, whatever you want." So I said I would do it. My cousin got ready to pay another $10.75 out of my purse, heh. As I went to take off my bra (so that my nips would have some room to breathe), I asked Jess if she would do something different when she went to pierce my other nipple and she told me that she usually does. So Jess marked this one and then said, "Okay this time I'm going to count to shove nothing." That one hurt a little more, and Jess told me it was probably because she went top to bottom instead of bottom to top, like she had done the last one. She transferred the jewelry. I looked over at the apprentice and said, "..Did I really just do that?" And she just looked at me and said, "Yes."

It's been 3 days since I've gotten them pierced, and I LOVE them so much. I clean them with Dial and I don't play with them because I don't want them to get infected. But they look so cute, and I'm so happy I got them done vertically. So many people do them horizontally. But yes, if your pain threshold is pretty good and you have some extra flesh to work with, I recommend getting this done! :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Jill%3F+Jess%3F+I+never+really+got+her+name..
Studio: Outrageous+Ink
Location: Toledo+OH

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