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"Don't worry, I've heard worse!"

Every time I found the courage to get my nipples pierced, something would get in the way, be it work or exams. After a while I succumbed to defeat and settled for various "less important" piercings to sooth the itch.

I remember a time when the thought of nipple piercing made my stomach flip! I'm not sure what changed my mind, but over the last 3 years it has become more and more appealing to me, even though I was sure I would never have the balls to actually go through with it!

There are many aspects of my body that I despise, (as is the same with every girl) the major one of course being my breasts. I was a late developer and have always been self-conscious about my chest; only 2 people have ever seen me properly naked because of this.

The idea of having my nipples pierced was empowering, taking something I hate and improving it for me, no one else. So when stood in front of the mirror, I could actually appreciate my naked self.

I finally got the balls this week. I had been telling friends for the last 2 years that I was going to get it done, every time we had a holiday or term break, and always backing out at the last minute!

My friend, who was threatened with immediate eviction from her parent's house if she acquired any visible mods, had always wanted her lip pierced. After moving out with her boyfriend, she decided to go for it, asking me to come along. I agreed, as I know you sometimes appreciate a good friend's hand to crush during the procedure!

While organising where she was going to get pierced my friend suggested I get my nipples done, now seeing as every time I had considered it in the past, something had gotten in my way, I knew this time would be the same. Sure enough I had to splash whole load of money on driving lessons this month, which left me completely skint. How was I supposed to raise £50 in a week?

Then as if a sign from above, (ha) my mother decided to close my young savers account at the bank therefore leaving me with £400! Now there was nothing to stand in the way of my seemingly unattainable goal... except for my nerve!

My friend and I decided to meet in town, have something to eat, grab some sugary snacks and head down to the studio. Picking a studio in our area can be a bit of a hassle; we are not from a very diverse community if you will. So finding a trusted reputable piercer can be hard if you don't wish to travel 20 or so miles. There are 2 or 3 piercing studios in my nearest town, Yeovil, 1 of which I got my tongue pierced in, and I would not recommend as I was not marked up and do not remember any glove changes. At the time I was 14, stupid and have since learnt to not put the temptation of cheap piercings over my safety! The other piercing studios are either very unfriendly or ridiculously over priced.

Last year a new piercing studio opened up, at first I was dubious as it was also a hairdressing salon, and my experiences with piercers working in hairdresser's screams two things...inexperienced and piercing guns! I decided to have a look around though and started chatting with one of the owners about getting my vertical labret done. He knew exactly what I meant by vert. Labret which is amazing, as every other piercer in the area I've asked, looked at me dumbfounded. As most of them do with the word "septum", what can I say we're hicks! He seemed every well informed and had an extensive price list and portfolio of work. I went to him for my vert. Labret last year and he was very professional, a lot of glove changes, marking up and he actually asked my opinion on placement, unlike many piercers I've been to.

This piercer (Lee I think!) has since moved down to the bottom of town and set up shop on his own. My friend and I wandered down to the shop and sat out side and smoked for a bit (to calm nerves) and eventually built up our nerve to walk in!

We told 'Lee' what we wanted and signed all the relevant paperwork while he finished up with someone else. While he tidied up and got everything ready we read magazines and decided who was to go first, we decided her as it was definitely going to hurt less than my nipples! Lee also locked the shop door so he wouldn't have to deal with anyone else while we were getting pierced.

I watched my friend have her lip pierced, after that It was my turn!! I never take my top off in front of anybody let alone a man I've only met 4 or 5 times! I swallowed my pride and took my top and bra off. He marked me up while standing, as your nipples obviously move whilst lying down, cleaned me and numbed me with spray. He organised all his equipment, measured me for the jewellery and showed me the sterilised needles in sealed packets. After that was done he asked me to lay down on the freshly prepared piercing bed and told me to place my left hand under my bum, so as not to hit him in the face, and hold my friends hand with my right. He asked if I had a preference as to which nipple was done first, I didn't so he started with the left.

Before he started I apologised in advanced for any foul language that may escape my mouth, I didn't want to offend him after all! He gave me another dose of cold spray and then got out the clamps, I've never had a problem with clamps like some, so this wasn't too bad. He then told me to breath in and exhale, on the exhale he pierced..."F**CK!!!!!"... I can't lie; this was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I could feel every layer of skin as the needle slid through my flesh, I lost control of my legs and nearly kicked my friend in the face! Then came the jewellery, (1.6 titanium barbells) which hurt a fair bit. I apologised again for the F-ing and other obscenities, at which he replied, "Don't worry, I've heard worse!"

Now this is when I started to question my stupidity of wanting both nipples done, shamefully I debated whether backing out of the next one! I definitely wanted both, I didn't want two lots of healing time after all! I was so close to chickening out until Lee advised me that the second one usually hurts less, as your mind is already focused on the first and your endorphins have started pumping.

I made my decision, gritted my teeth and told him to carry on, now's a better time than any huh! I think the second hurt only slightly less, it still caned! Again a lot of swearing ensued along with much squeezing of my friends hand.

After all that I cautiously sat up and he placed two square plasters over my poor nipples and offered my friend and I some sweets! I asked him whether or not I should wear a bra, and he said that it's best too for the first day or so, (I highly recommend this as your nipples are very sensitive afterwards and any unnecessary rubbing is not nice!).

We thanked him and went up to the front of shop to pay, my friends lip cost £25 (he also gave her a free labret since she had no money left!) And charged me only £30! Which was great, as the first place I got a pricelist from quoted me £50.

I walked round tentatively for the rest of the day, the bus ride home was a bit of an uncomfortable experience but overall there was no pain for the next 24 hours (though I did take some ibuprofen when I got home).


The first night when I got home I took the bandages off, and I had bled a fair amount. As with all my piercings I used warm water (boiled first) and salt soaks. I had a bit of congealed blood that I removed with q-tips.

The second day I continued with the salt soaks, there was mild stinging (to be expected) but no other pain.

On the third day I was moving around a lot more, which I believe to be the reason for the excess bleeding. Again a lot of congealed blood. They didn't bleed over the night even though I tend to sleep on my side/front.

This may sound weird but the best way to soak up the blood and let the piercings air at the same time was to cut up a sanitary towel and stick a square of it inside your bra. This means you don't have to stick plasters to yourself, not too nice to have to rip off, the air still gets to the piercing and you don't have to ruin a good bra by bleeding into it!

People who have found out about my new additions so far have mainly reacted with horror that I could go through with it. I found the pain to be pretty excruciating, but nothing that I couldn't handle, it's only there for a few seconds. I only know 2 other girls with a nipple piercing, so I didn't have much first hand opinions of how painful it would be, but lets just say I was expecting pain and I got it. If you are reading this and are considering this piercing I would say go for it, I actually like looking at my boobs now, and I like the fact that I have a piercing that no one knows about! Also so far my nipples feel a lot more sensitive (in a positive way) which I'm glad about because I did have worries that it would affect the sensitivity in a bad way!

Do try to warn people not too hug you on the first day, I doesn't feel pleasant! Also for a few days my nipples have felt really itchy and I know it can be tempting to try to remove crusties and whatnot, but on no occasion do this without washing your hands first! I have first hand experience on how dirty fingers can effect a fresh piercing. Most of all make sure you seek out a reputable piercer that YOU trust, don't settle for shoddy and unsafe piercings just to save a few quid!

Overall I say go for it, I'm glad I got it done, and that I didn't pussy out of the second piercing. Don't worry about the pain, most piercers are able to deal with screaming and swearing, I think I did well on not verbally demonstrating my pain too much, and I only said the 'C' word once!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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