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A Second Nipple Piercing

I had my left nipple pierced during the last week of December 2006 and decided at the time that I didn't want to get the other one done. I did it on as a sort of adventure, to step out and try something new and different, and I found out that I really loved the experience. For a while I was still of the idea that I only wanted one pierced, and I liked the spontaneity of it. One nipple piercing felt unique, but over the summer I played with the idea of getting the right one pierced. I almost did it in August but I didn't take the opportunity. Looking back, I don't think I was ready to do it again quite yet.

I finally decided to do it during the second week of September on a trek to Uptown. I dragged my friend Madeline along with me to my favorite studio, Saint Sabrina's, the place where I feel the most comfortable getting modified. I excitedly went to the front desk and requested the piercing. I decided to change the color of my barbell balls to pink (my favorite color) and I was very pleased.

I was hoping to get pierced by Jamie, the man who did my first nipple piercing, but circumstances prevented that from happening. Instead I was paired with Jesika, an incredibly sweet and caring piercer. She came up, quiet and polite, and talked with me for a bit before going back upstairs to get her room ready. I filled out my paper work and waited for about fifteen minutes looking around at the jewelry and various things inside the shop. She came down and we talked about jewelry and changing the color of the balls at the ends of my barbells, and we decided on an adorable shade of light pink.

She brought me upstairs to her studio where we discussed placement and she checked placement multiple times. She was extremely focused on placement which is something that I really appreciated, since she was matching my other piercing, and it pleased me that we were both on the same page. I moved around and after a bit decided it was perfect. Jesika helped me get up onto the table and lie down.

At first she changed the balls on my left barbell from silver to pink. After she did that, she came over with her gear and began to talk to me about relaxing, and she brought the clamp over to my right side. As she did, I tensed up, waiting for her to put it on, and I looked down at her hands. The clamp, unbeknownst to me, was already placed and done, and I didn't even feel it. I told her and she replied that it was a good thing, and what she intended. She explained to me that putting the clamp on should not be painful because it will take away from the piercing and just add to your discomfort before and after.

We began to do deep breathing together and she told me finally to take in the last deep breath. She pushed the piercing needle in and a fantastic feeling rippled up through my body. The sides of my lips turned up into a big smile as I breathed a sigh of relief, As energy pulsed through my body I relaxed and felt perfect and content. She delicately placed the jewelry in and tightened the balls, and I looked at my new beautiful, albeit slightly bloody, right nipple piercing.

This nipple piercing was even better than the first. I suppose that knowing what to expect might have contributed, but I think the main factor that contributed to it was how close I felt it would bring me with my body. The release that happens with the piercing is indescribable. It felt like a burst of pink color and happiness and almost erotic; As if I could feel every inch of my body, inside and out.

As I got up to go check out my new pair in the mirror I almost had tears in my eyes. I absolutely loved them! They looked perfect, and I thanked Jesika profusely as I put my bra and shirt on and we walked downstairs.

It's been about 8 months now now since my visit with Jesika, and the right piercing looks beautiful. It was bruised only for about two days and then cleared up. There have been crusties, but that's to be expected! Now it's happy and healthy, and I'm happy about it too. I love my nipple piercings and feel that they're a complete part of me.

I've told many people about my experience and my nipple piercings and very few people understand the amazing feelings that I got from getting them. Most cringe in horror when they find out and ask questions about the pain and why I ever decided to do it. One of my friends actually decided to get them done herself and loves them as much as I love mine! I just tell people about how good they make me feel and leave it at that.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Jamie
Studio: Saint+Sabrina%27s
Location: Minneapolis%2C+MN

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