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A Journey Home to get my Nipples Pierced

I had been planning on going to California which is where im from for Spring Break to visit my best friend for a while. Once the time finally came I was excited to be in the air and on my way back home to California. After having a great week out with my friend it was the day before I flew back to Texas. Me and my friend had been out shopping and while we were driving in her car I mentioned that I had wanted to have my nipples pierced since I was 13 but that I had never done it because im pretty weird about people I don't know touching my private parts, but really who isn't haha. My friend was like omg! Lets do it! Ill go with you! So after some thought I said why the fuck not! Lets go! You know you do things you never think you'll ever normally do when your on vacation.

So we came back to her house were I got on the computer and started searching the internet to find the best piercer in Sacramento. I came across a bunch of reviews raving about Samantha at the Exotic Body even some piercers had commented saying that she's the only person they trust to do their own piercings which impressed me. So I was convinced she was the best and the person that I wanted to go to. I called and the girl on the phone said that I could come in anytime that night to get it done. I got dressed and my friend and I headed to the Exotic Body. Surprisingly I wasn't nervous at all like I had been for all my past body modifications just really excited and ready for it to finally happen. I walked in and was shortly greeted by Samantha she was really cute and sweet. She walked me into a pink room were she started to bring out the jewelry and sanitize/get ready for the procedure.

I took my shirt off and she measured my nipples to see what size jewelry I needed which I thought was pretty funny its not like I get my nipples measured every day haha. My poor friend was sweating up a storm the entire time she was so nervous for me! I laid down and she put the clamp on which was for sure the worst part of the entire thing. After that she put the needle through it felt weird but was in no way horrible or unbearable. After that she had me turn around and she quickly did the other side. I ended up getting both of them done on the diagonal which was actually Samanthas suggestion because my friend wanted them horizontal and I wanted them vertical. So she made the suggestion of getting the imbetween of diagonal. I thought it was a pretty neat idea and less usual then the typical up and down or side to side so I went with it.

Once all of that was done she cleaned me up, I put my top back on and she gave me a sheet with all the details of aftercare and a bottle of h2o spray along with some dr.bronners baby formula magic soap for cleaning. I have gone to alot of good piercers but I have to say she is my favorite by far. The after care really sets her apart iv never seen anyone be that through with it before.

I love my nipples more and more everyday as they heal. I would do it all over again in a second! Overall my experience was amazing. If your thinking about getting your nipples pierced do your homework and go to an experienced piercer who you can trust and you will have a positive experience just like me. I got my nipples pierced for myself and im very happy with the end result. They are still a little sore from time to time because they are not completely healed yet but nothing major. I tugged on the barbell once or twice while trying to get them clean in the shower which wasnt pleasant. So moral of the story boobies = good, boobies with bling= better haha.

I should also say I was worried about going through the metal detectors on the way back to Texas because I had heard many horror stories of people with piercings going through and the metal detectors going off. Which resulted in them being strip searched and having to take out their not yet fully healed piercings. So to say the least as I walked through the metal detector my heart was racing! But phew it didnt go off and I walked through the passage with a sigh of relief know that I could go without having to go through any traumatic ordeals in the airport.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Samantha
Studio: The+Exotic+Body
Location: Sacramento%2C+California

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