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Nippletastic! I love my nipple piercing!

I had been planning on getting a nipple piercing for sometime, however at first I was put off by a lot people telling me about how painful it was to get pierced (I now know that's not entirely true). I decided to make it my new years resolution , I will get my nipple pierced!

I wanted to get my nipple pierced as I love my nipples being played with and thought a piercing would increase the sensitivity just that little bit more and plus I think they look awesome with a bit of metal going through them. Also with my job I'm not allowed any facial/ear piercing so the only piercing I could have has to be out of sight, I did consider a hood piercing at first, but decided to try the "more painful" nipple piercing first.

It was the last week of January, I had just been promoted at work and what better way to celebrate than getting my new piercing! I asked around for recommendations on where to go, Tony's Tattoos was my chosen studio. My best friend came with me for moral support, as we walked down the back streets of Stockport, I was bubbling with excitement I so could not wait to get it done, I had been looking forward to having it done for so long at this point. The shop was relatively busy with two lad's waiting for tattoos, a woman who just had a tongue pierced and another two women waiting for tattoos. I walked over to the counter and asked to see the piercer the two blokes behind the counter asked what I wanted doing, the room suddenly went quiet as everyone looks up to hear what I say. I just smile and confidently say my right nipple, it's my favourite one! The two men smile at me and tell me go upstairs.

Upstairs a man ( I really can't remember his name) with a bald head, covered in tattoos with teeth stood before me with a friendly welcoming smile - my piercer! He was very calming, he asked me questions about the piercing and then I filled out the paperwork, then I got up onto the dentist like chair, the room was so clean and organised just what I was told to look out for. He put on his gloves then asked me to remove my top, once that was off he lifted my breast out of my bra, then sprayed my nipple with that ice cold numbing spray, after giving it a wipe over with an antibacterial wipe. He told me to lean back and take breathes, I closed my eyes at first then opened them as I wanted to see it being done. There was a slight pinching feel as the needle went in and then the tubing, it was very surreal watching it happen in front of me. I could not believe how fast it took and how little pain was involved. The only part which hurt was when he was tightening up the balls on my barbell! He put a dressing on it and told me how to clean it and to take some painkillers if it starts aching.

My friend who waited downstairs couldn't believe how fast I was, she thought I had backed out at first then she noticed my beaming smile. I was already in love with it. The first night I left the dressing on and wore a bra in bed as someone recommended, and had no problems what so ever. The next morning I took the dressing off and gave it a salt bath using a shot glass filled with a teaspoon sea salt and warm water bathing it for around five to ten minutes, after that I rinsed it under the tap and dried around the bar using a ear cleaner. Always using a fresh one each time never the same one.

I never had any bleeding and the pain was very limited, mainly when sleeping and turning over and catching it, also the occasional bump at work. Padded bras are great, as they act as a barrier and protects your nipple from being banged about too much. When I have caught/banged my nipple a little discharge does leak out from time to time, three months later I'm still bathing it in salt and taking great care in keeping it clean.

I really do love my piercing I love it more and more as time goes on, I'm so proud of it, it looks awesome and just feels fantastic when being played about with, I would recommend it to anyone and trust me I have! It's also helped with my confidence, it's been out on a few occasions, I'm happy to show it off even more so after a few drinks! Changing the piercing for the first time was difficult mainly because of the unscrewing of the barbell (wearing latex gloves helps alot) but getting the new bar in was no problem at all, although after I did feel like it was throbbing and had a couple of painful twinges but those soon died down and now I can change my bar whenever with no problems. I'm thinking about getting my other nipple done but first I'm hoping to get my hood piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Studio: Tony%27s+Tattoos
Location: Stockport%2C+UK

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