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One of the best piercing expericences...

I have been a big fan of fetish photography for a while [roughly around two years], and have always been struck by the beauty of nipple piercings; it seemed like no matter your breast size or shape nipple piercings always enhanced their beauty. So it seemed like a natural idea to me to get my nipples done.

I turned eighteen in December and received a beautiful tattoo on my birthday, but about seven months later the itch came back to get something done. I mean hey, I'm eighteen, have a steady job – the possibilities were endless! I noticed one day while looking at some beautiful pieces of art shot by Michael Helms how drawn I was to nipple piercings, so after some research I decided to get my nipples done. Immediately I knew to go to Cynical Tattoos right near my house because of their cleanliness and hospitality [and the fact that there is a female piercer there], so I called up a friend and we went on our way.

Cynical Tattoos is a great shop owned by a fantastic tattoo artist named Chris who did my first tattoo. The fantastic thing about them is that their body mods are inexpensively priced compared to other shops around town, but is still one of the cleanest and professional places I have ever been to. Brenda, the piercer, is also an amazing woman who just calms your nerves and has a big smile.

So after calling to make sure they had an opening my best friend Coley and I headed down to Cynical. It was amazing how nervous I was even though this was my tenth piercing. I drank some orange juice on the way over there to build up my blood sugar and made sure I had a good supporting bra on. When we got down there and walked inside we were hit by how clean Cynical smelled, which was great and very assuring. I talked to Brenda about what I wanted and she took me back in to the piercing room to get it done. By this point I was super nervous and practically shaking, but I filled out all the proper paperwork and we got down to business. I decided I wanted them vertically done since I've found that look is more aesthetically pleasing to me, and it's not seen very often. She warned me that vertical is a little bit rougher but I was up for some pain. We chatted a bit while she got her instruments out [all individually packaged and sterilized] which calmed my nerves. She then donned her gloves and I asked if I should disrobe the girls at that time – which she said I should do. Marking was a breeze and the only discomfort I really felt was the clamping, but that was only because I have relatively small nipples and she wanted to get them just right. Then we got ready to pierce, I grabbed Coley's hand and waited for the pinch. The great thing was, was that Brenda continued talking to me all the way up to the big puncture, which calmed my nerves and didn't let me focus on what was about to happen. The first side was really not that bad, just some hot pressure, the needle slid in perfectly and then she put the jewelry in – which by the way was a ring to promote healing better. The second side was a bit harder since it tended to "hide" from Brenda's prying hands. Yet she got it clamped pretty easily, but it hurt more than the first side, most likely because of all my endorphins running out. She then cleaned them up a bit, spoke with me about after care, and changed her gloves again to push the rings to a certain side. The rings, from what I understood, moved easier than the barbells did so the piercings could move about more to promote more even healing. She then sent me on my way, letting me know that I could get them changed to barbells in a month and she would check on the healing progress.

The only real pain came with cleaning them the first couple of times, it burned a bit but over all was not a big deal. I cleaned them twice a day with antibacterial soap and warm water, letting them sit for a bit before I moved the jewelry around to get all the crusties off. About two weeks ago I went back to get the jewelry changed and check out the healing and let me tell you they look fantastic with the barbells.

If you want to get this done I would completely recommend it, the relative amount of pain and discomfort you feel is so worth the end product. They make my girls look amazing and are a great addition to all my other body mods. And if you're in Northport or Tuscaloosa, Alabama head down to Cynical Tattoos for a great experience and great piercings and tattoos.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Brenda
Studio: Cynical+Tattoos
Location: Northport%2C+AL

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