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Kevlar Nipples

I've mentioned in my previous experience write-ups that I'd been interested in getting nipple piercings. I held off for a few reasons.

The main one being that the boy didn't seem keen on the idea. Just to make it clear he did not tell me that I could not get them done or present any kind of asshole ultimatum. I mentioned the idea, he said that he thought nipples looked better unpierced and that was that. Had it been a tattoo design I'd been planning for years or a piercing that meant a lot to me I'd have done it anyway, but compromise is good when it's possible.

Imagine my delight then when I next brought it up and he said he was cool with them. An ever-expanding mind is a very attractive thing, you know.

Other reasons included money and never having a period of time where they'd be left alone long enough to settle down and heal nicely. So, having just returned from seeing said boy and looking at a 4 month period of no boy at all I decided the time was right to get some new holes.

A few days ago after a lot of sushi and window shopping my best friend and I decided to get pierced right now and headed to Hype. I think my friend was a little more nervous than I was (she was hoping for a genital piercing) but I was getting a little edgy as we approached the shop. We passed Nici the piercer on our way in. The guy at the desk asked what help I needed I said I wanted my nipples pierced and I'd just seen Nici having a cigarette outside: "I suppose I'll have to wait, eh?" He nodded, smiled and passed me my forms and checked ID.

My friend had a few questions about her piercing that Nici was very helpful with, and then we headed downstairs into the piercing room and it was decided that I'd go first.

I took my top and bra off and was marked up and told to check in the mirror, everything looked pretty good so I nodded and lay down on the bench which had been wiped and covered with a new layer of tissue paper. I was asked to lie down because of how the nipples change shape and position (almost constantly if you're a female due to hormonal changes) it's easier to get a straight set of piercings when they're even and flat.

Nici clamped my right nipple first because apparently she gets most complaints about that one being the most painful, and as the second nipple is more painful anyway she thinks it's best to get the more painful one done first. I agree. The difference between the two was only slight but I could feel myself react to the second a little more and I can imagine that if it had they been the other way around the second would have been quite a shock to my system. Or maybe that's just psychological because that's what I was told a little before it happened ; )

The first nipple was done and while it was painful, it was over now and had only lasted for a second anyway. I've never understood the fear of pain from piercings. It lasts 2 seconds at most if you have a competent piercer. I stood up and turned the other way on the bench so the second piercing could begin.

The new needle was prepared and I'm sure a lot of other important things happened while I was reading the comics on the ceiling, but Happy Noodle Boy is too exciting of a read to care about such things ; )

The second needle went through and I believe I said "Ah, fuck" but it was in and I was happy. I checked myself out in the mirror and they looked great. They were bandaged up and I was told not to take the bandage off for 24 hours (which I'm proud to say I had the patience to do)

When I took the bandages off the next day there was a teeny bit of blood next to the ball on my left nipple but otherwise they looked fine. I'm not having too much trouble with pain though, which is an unexpected bonus. I can lie on my tummy and it's fine so long as I don't put too much pressure on them. Even if I knock them accidentally it's more of an "oh right, there's something there!" than any kind of agony. I must have Kevlar nipples.

I've done sea salt soaks once a day since then and made sure any crusties come off in the shower (although so far they have been minimal). It's easiest to do the soaks in shot-glasses which seem to have been designed for the purpose.

I would definitely recommend not only Hype but nipple piercing to everybody. The shop is great and professional and the piercing is a breeze and definitely worth the 2 seconds of pain for the results.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Nici
Studio: Hype+Tattoo+Studio
Location: Newcastle%2C+UK

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