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DIY Nipple Piercings

After doing a few DIY piercings, I decided my nipples would be my next goal. I studied several pictures to get just the right placement and studied all the risks that were involved, how to avoid them and that I was willing to take them.

Once I finally felt comfortable with doing the piercing myself, I got set up to do both piercings with a 13 gauge needle for 14 gauge jewelry. I have a pair of tweezer style piercing clamps and I found it extremely difficult to get the clamps around my entire nipple. After several tries and using both hands to manipulate my nipple in between the metal, I finally got the right placement. I took a deep breath when I realized just how much skin the needle would be going through (I have fairly large nipples). When I put the needle in, I tried to go quickly seeing as that is usually the best way to pierce so you can get through it without as much pain, but it was very difficult to get it through. Something under the skin seemed to be resisting it and I had to push it pretty hard to get it all the way through the nipple. I could finally see that little white spot where the needle was about to exit and I felt so relieved.

I felt a bit queasy after the piercing, which is something I had never experienced before. After a few more deep breaths and wiping off some of the sweat I had worked up, I then followed the jewelry into the hole. I then realized that unfortunately the circular barbell that I had was pretty small compared to my nipple. It was the biggest circular barbell that I was able to find and still it barely fit around size of my nipple. I decided that I would wait until it healed a bit more until I changed it though because it did not irritate me at all.

I still felt queasy but I moved on to the next nipple (much to my chagrin). I followed the same steps but this time I really wanted to get it over with quickly. I placed the clamps and shoved the needle through. Blood had already started to ooze out of each end. I quickly followed the jewelry through except part of the way, the end of the jewelry fell out of the end of the needle. When I tried to get them back together, it just made it bleed more and I had no luck. I got sick of trying more and eventually just took both the needle and the jewelry out to try again later only to have blood gush out and drip down my stomach. I still do not know why it bled so much but after cleaning it all up, I noticed how crooked and misplaced the piercing had been. The entrance was actually up near the top of my areola and the exit was a little above where I intended it to be. By that time I felt VERY queasy and had to lay down.

A couple days later I went to pierce the second nipple again. I felt that it was ok to repierce it so soon just because my placement was so off, although I realize it may not have been the best idea. Anyway, I pierced it in the right place and it still bled almost as much as the first time (I have no idea why).

Putting on a bra on the same day as doing the piercings was pretty close to what I'm sure hell would feel like. Even when being extremely careful, it still pushed it in a way that was very painful. I found that for me, it was actually better to where a bra than to just wear a shirt, but believe me, I went topless as much as possible for quite a while. I tried wearing different bras as well and seeing which was the most comfortable to wear. For me the best ones were ones with some padding but also with a lot of flexibility so that the stiffness of the padding would not rub up against the fresh piercing so much.

A few weeks after I had pierced my nipples, I decided to try to change the jewelry to something more suitable for the size of my nipples, also not a very good idea. I tried to put a 3/4" captive bead ring in and at first, as hard as I tried, I could not get it in. So I tried putting the old jewelry back in, which was also unsuccessful. I kept trying every so often to see if it was any better. I ended up having to open it extremely wide (which distorted the ring) and shove it in as hard as I could and it was almost as painful as the initial piercing. I still have the CBR in one that side and the circular barbell on the other and they're both healing pretty nicely now.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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