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Put a ring in your nipple

I'm an older mature married man with four grown children. I own a small successful business and I was an elected official. This doesn't describe the usual candidate for nipple piercing.

I'm in good health but I am a diabetic. So whenever I mentioned that I was thinking about any form of body modification my wife reminded me that because I am diabetic I am more prone to infection. She also gave me the 'look' that any long married man is familiar with.

My nipples have always been sensitive and during any sexual activity I enjoyed having them stroked or pinched or clamped.

I became obsessed with the idea of getting one pierced. Whenever I saw a guy with a pierced nipple I thought to myself if they can do it so can I.

Over a year ago I discovered that a friend had his nipple pierced. He told me that having it done was painful but that now it was a turn-on. Then I had a young man who worked for me that had a pierced nipple that never healed properly. This put me off the idea for a few more months.

Then I discovered BME. I have read about every male nipple piercing story available. A few mentioned that their pierced nipples were sexually charged. This got me thinking about it again. Because of the medicine that I take I sometimes suffer from ED. I was using a cockring or viagra to have a good stiffy. If piercing was going to have a positive effect on my erections I was ready to go for it.

I called a local piercing studio. I was lucky enough to talk to Deus, a very professional body piercer and an easy guy to talk to. He answered all my questions on the phone. My first question was: "Do you ever pierce older guys? His response was 'All the time and I'm probably not that much younger than you.' Question: I'm diabetic. Is that a problem? Answer: No, if it is under control. Question: How much do you charge? Answer: $50. Question: When are you available? Answer: This afternoon. I immediately felt comfortable enough to finally have this done today.

The actual procedure and sterile environment of the studio was typical to many other stories currently in this forum. Deus marked both nipples while I was standing up in case I wanted to have both done. He had me lay down. In went the needle and it was no big deal. We decided on a 12 gauge CBR. Deus slid it in and had me look in the mirror. What a rush! I finally had metal through my nipple. Let's do the other one was my first response. This one hurt like hell. But that's what many other double nipple piercing experiences have said would happen. But soon it was over and another ring was slid in place. Fortunately I had enough money to cover the cost of both piercings but I had none left over for a tip for Deus. I definitely owe the guy.

It was a sunny warm afternoon and on the drive home I took off my shirt and put down the convertible. It was a rush every time I saw my nipples in the rearview mirror which I tilted down on purpose. I'm lucky I didn't have an accident.

I followed the aftercare directions to the letter. And there was no infection. I thought they healed quickly. Just some crusties for the first weeks that made them tight to rotate.

I never told my wife about the piercings until I was sure that there would be no initial infection. I didn't want to get an I told you so. When I did tell her about four weeks after the fact she freaked out. Not only did I get them done but I had kept it a secret for a month. It was the trust factor.

She got over it. But what helped was my instant ability to get a woody when ever anything brushed up against my nipple. My penis came to attention. I felt like a 19 year old walking around with a tent in my trousers.

In all the stories that I have read on BME only a few have mentioned the powerful effect that piercings have on your libido. I can play or pinch my nipples and come now without touching my dick. I was never able to do that before. Forget viagra. My new motto is: put a ring in your nipple and put away your cockring.

I started out with a 12 gauge and over the next few months stretched them up to a 10 gauge and then to a 8 gauge. But the 8 gauge were to heavy looking for me so now I wear 19 gauge CBR.

I am now reading stories on BME about getting a PA I think its time to call Deus again. But this time I'm going to tell my wife.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 April 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Deus
Studio: Exposed+Temptations
Location: Manassas+Virginia

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