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my 18th birthday present to myself

So I m turning 18 in a week and I thought to myself, what would be the best way to bring in my freedom of being legal. Shortly the idea popped into my head. I decided that I want to get my nipple pierced. I have been wanting one since I was 14. I am also still living at home and until I m living on my own I am not aloud to get any more piercings. A nipple ring would be perfect because its easily hidden. The past few years I stupidly walked around looking for a place that would pierce me without ID. The wait has paid off and I m really happy I waited to legally pierce my nipple. I did lots of research on the piercing until I knew all the risks, the procedure and how to care for it. This is going to be my first body piercing so I wanted to make sure I was prepared. Luckily most of my friends have piercings and told me what to expect.

The Monday before my birthday I went after school to talk to the piercer at Electric lotus and tell her I plan to come Wednesday. Unfortunately the girl who pierces did not work on my birthday so I had to wait two days. Friday finally came and the whole day I was so excited. One of my friends was also getting his second tattoo that day too. Apparently once I get this, I will be the only girl in my school who will have one. This past week I have been swarmed with curious students. When I left school several girls told me good luck and they better see it Monday.

At around 2 o clock my best friend pulled up to my house to take me to the studio. Since I have never done anything this extreme I thought it would be best to have someone drive me. I was starting to get nervous, but when I walked into the studio I was comforted to see my other friend waiting for his tattoo and the friendly atmosphere. The place had lots of posters and tattoos displayed on the walls. I have come here many times before with friends to get pierced but finally it was my turn. I found Danielle, the girl who will pierce me and eagerly told her I want my left nipple pierced. She smiled and handed me paper work and asked me what type of jewelry I would like. I told her I wanted a captive bead to start out with. I filled out the paper work and handed it back to her. I asked her if it was ok for my friend to come hold my hand, and she had no problem with him watching. Then we walked into the back room.

I was asked to unhook my bra and pull my left breast out and the piercer decided which captive hoop would suite me best. She then cleaned my nipple with a q-tip and prepared the jewelry and tools. I held my friends hand nervously as she marked the entrance and exit of the piercing. Danielle then clamped my nipple and steadied the needle. I looked down at the nipple and thought holy shit I m actually doing this. She told me to take a deep breath and before I knew it the needle was through. I made an orgasm like sound and I started to laugh. Then the jewelry was pulled through the hole and secured with the little black bead. I jumped off the table and walked to the mirror. I smiled looking at the ring in my nipple. My friend told me it looked really good and said he wants his done now too.

After getting pierced I carefully re-hooked my bra and slipped my arm back through my shirt. Danielle went over cleaning and caring for my new piercing. I was really happy with my decision. Luckily for me I have small breasts which is a benefit for my healing and sore factor. I have only had my piercing for several hours and I have probably flashed 15 people. For anyone who is thinking about getting a nipple ring I strongly recommend it.

Its only been two days and my new piercing is healing well. I was expecting it to be all crusty and incredibly sore. In fact it is not crusty at all. It's a little swollen and I experience some soreness towards the end of the night. I learned that frozen vegetables do wonders after a long day of moving around. I am hoping to get my right nipple pierced next month. I also plan on getting several more ear piercings, a nose stud, a belly ring, clitoral hood and a few outer labia piercings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 April 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Danielle
Studio: Electric+Lotus
Location: new+jersey

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