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My newest adornment

Hello, I am writing a story about my newest part of my project. I decided when i was 13 that I would get my nipples pierced, well 5 years down the line I finally decided now is the time to get the piercing done.

I talked to my mate Simon and decided that I would get it done 3rd April 2008. So I woke up that morning, had a nice relaxing bath got washed and headed off into town to go and visit my wonderful piercer Claire.

As I walked in my nose filled with the wonderful smell of the studio, Katie was sitting in her little office giving a girl a tattoo and Clare was no where to be seen, I had a feeling she might not be in, until i herd the usual thundering of her coming down the wooden stairs (how she has managed not to fall down them I don't know!). She looked at me and grinned and then asked what I'm in for this time.

I told her that I wanted to get my nipples done, she handed me the forms and of she went upstairs to set up for me, So I sat down in the chair and gave Simon a smile as I filled out the forms, the adrenalin began to build up. Ticking and circling the little boxes i finished and waited for Claire to return, when she did i handed the forms, she cut off my part about the after care and then we were headed up stairs.

Up those black and red creaky stair case we went, to her lovely little office, she had me close the door as I came through.

She then asked me to take of my shirt and my bra, if it was one nipple piercing done then she normally gets you to just push the bra pad out the way but as I had two she wants to get them perfectly in line (she is very good and gets them perfectly in line every time!!! And she is also known for being the piercer who changes her gloves the most in Chelmsford).

Claire talks to you through out the entire procedure so you feel confident and happy about it and you don't sit and worry. She is very talented and i do recommend people to go their to get pierced. I am very happy to call her my piercer and I trust her to pierce more or less everything that can be pierced!

I sat down on the table thing and she asked me to sit up perfectly straight so she gets them exactly in line, once she had marked them up I was free to slouch!

She marked me up with her pen, and then out came the clamps from their packet's, the needle's as well from the packet's, tissue and numbing spray. She asked which I would prefer to be done first, I didn't mind which so we did left first as she was standing that side, she laid tissue on my stomach to catch any spray that ran down.

Here came the big bit, she clamped my nipple (I don't see why people make fuss no pain) sprayed it with the numbing spray and said right ready? With a nod and a yes I had my hands ready to grab the bed incase it hurt, she pushed the needle through, now that hurt but not as much as I thought it did, it was more of a weird sensation than a pain as it felt like the needle was going into my chest rather than through my nipple.

Out came the needle, the tube got trimmed down and then the jewelry was pushed through (bars) she then cleaned up as their was a little blood, and put on a Mepore plaster.

Now onto my right nipple. She repeated the same method exactly. The pain was exactly the same very little yet the same sensation.

She cleaned up and put on another patch, and I was free to put on my bra, shirt and then go downstairs to pay. She cleaned of the bench, and replaced it with new blue tissue and then followed me downstairs.

After paying I headed into town, now it was sore for the first half hour then the pain went and started throbbing that lasted for about 2 hours once that had gone I've had no more pain. They didn't feel horrid when I was sleeping last night, and they felt amazing this morning.

I really recommend if you want them done get them done. The pain is worth going through as they look fantastic, I feel so much more confident about my breasts now that I could and will show people them.

Also if you happen to be in Chelmsford, Essex. Look up Claire in Hepcat Tattoo's she is completely amazing, and THE best piercer in Essex I think!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Claire
Studio: Hepcat+Tattoos
Location: Chelmsford%2C+Essex

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