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i finally did it.

I've been thinking about getting my nipples pierced for a while now. It was about three years ago (when I had my navel pierced during college) that I also contemplated getting them pierced. At the time I had a boyfriend and couldn't stand the thought of not being rough in bed for a while (during the downtime it would take for them to heal). The other day I was talking to my friend and she mentioned that she wanted to get her eyebrow pierced again. At once all my thoughts of getting my nipples pierced raced back to me. Right then and there I started researching nipple piercings, and places that I could have them done with a reputable piercer.

To be completely honest, I still had some doubts. I wanted to make sure it was sort of socially acceptable. I asked a few male friends of mine. Basically I got around telling them what exactly I was thinking of getting pierced by asking what areas of the female body they thought would be attractive if pierced. The top three answers, without fail, were; tongue, nipples and clitoris. I didn't want to pierce my tongue because I was afraid of possible damage to my teeth and having a clitoral piercing was DEFINITELY out of the question (but now that I've had my nipples pierced I have to say I am actually considering a clitoral piercing). That, however will take a HECK of a lot more research and thinking than it did for my nipples. Back to the story...

I found a bunch of places online that were off of International Drive or 192, but I wanted a less "touristy" place. I came across Miss Heidi's Tattoo & Body Piercing online and saw that Cat did piercings. There were a good amount of positive reviews on the staff and the shop itself. I decided it was the place for me. So last Friday after work I drove the hour to get there (Interstate 4 traffic at near 5pm).

After missing the shop, I made a U-Turn, parked, and lots of deep breaths in the car. I finally walked in. There was a gentlemen at the counter and Cat. I asked if they did piercings. She asked what I was looking to get pierced and I said "these" (I was so nervous I couldn't even say 'nipple'). I paid $50 for the two piercings and tipped. She went to the back to prepare all of the things she needed and I made a quick trip to the restroom. To be completely honest, I was freaking out - definitely re-thinking my decision. But I finally decided now or never.

I followed her back to her station and took off my shirt. She cleaned me up and made the marks. She opened up all of the sterile packages wearing gloves. She then changed her gloves again. I asked her if it was going to hurt and she said, "I won't lie, it's going to hurt". At this point I was kicking myself for even asking in the first place.

I took a few breaths in and out looked up in the corner and she inserted the needle. Not TOO bad. She then inserted the captive bead ring. She moved on to the second nipple, which definitely hurt more than the second, I don't know if it was due to the adrenaline wearing off or just because I knew what was coming. She put the needle through and then the bead.

I thanked her and left. The hour drive home was awkward. I still haven't told or shown anyone. But honestly I like having the little secret. I never really liked my breasts before, and now I think they're beautiful. I can't wait till they're completely healed and I get to share them with someone. Definitely worth the time and small amount of pain I went through! :)

Below is a quick list of things I did not enjoy about my piercing experience:

  • Cat did not ask me if I wanted to check the marks she made as to the placement of the ring.

  • She did not ask if I wanted a horizontal, vertical or angled piercing.

  • She wasn't a great conversationalist (although I paid for two piercings not a psychologist)

  • She didn't ask if I wanted to take a look at them when she was done piercing them.

  • I was not provided with a sheet on how to care for my piercing (but she did ask if I remembered how I previously cared for my navel piercing, she had me explain it and I guess she thought I had enough knowledge to care for my new piercings).

  • She sold me H20cean spray (which I would suggest as a last resort, but not to replace a warm saline soak.

I know, you're probably thinking with all of these negative things I have to say, I shouldn't have gone through with the piercing, but it was now or never. I'm sure if I would have spoken up she would have been more accommodating, but I was really nervous. So that was my nipple experience. If you ask if I would go through it all again. My answer? - In a split second. :) I LOVE them!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: CAT
Studio: miss+heidi%27s+tattoo+%26+body+piercing
Location: orlando%2C+florida

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