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The second one does hurt worse.

Hi. My name is Baker and I absolutely love piercings of all kinds. Unfortunately I live in a small conservative town, with parents that don't quite understand my addiction, my drive, my unexplainable need to get them. I know that my parents don't understand because they have told me so on numerous occasions and they stress this every time I ask for a new piercing. So one day I find myself helping my father in the barn and I begin naming off piercings. Eyebrow, no, Lip, no, Labret, no, Bridge, no, Industrial, no, Ears pierced again, no, Medusa, no, finally I realized that he wasn't going to allow another piercing so I decided to end the entire event humorously so I threw in as a joke Nipples. What happened next shocks me every time I think back to that day. Out of nowhere he responds that he has always liked Nipple rings and that I could get them pierced. I was ecstatic, elated, and another e word that I don't even know. I spent the next few weeks saving my lunch money until I had the appropriate amount ($60).

My girl and I went out to eat at Applebee's (Applebee's has the most delicious boneless hot wings on the planet and if you say different then may you be damned to hell or not I don't care) and afterwards drove down or up the road (depending on which side of the earth you are on) to Sacred Flames. By the way Sacred Flames is an absolutely wonderful piercing and tattoo parlor. All of my friends and I go to Sacred Flames for all of our piercings and tattoos, the piercing artist Teri is magnificent and always does a good, sterile, job. Anyway we arrived at Sacred Flames around nine o'clock and no one was there which made what I was about to get done much easier. For I have been embarrassed about taking my shirt off in public or in front of those I do not know to well for as long as I can remember. Since the piercing I no longer have this fear, I suppose one could say that I faced and conquered my fear. I have also noticed a lack of feeling embarrassed, and to be perfectly honest I love not getting embarrassed. It has made my life a lot easier and I have gained an entire new level of self-confidence

Anyway Teri took my I.D. had me sign a few papers and I was off to the back room. By the way the age of consent for non-exotic piercings in Wilson County is 16, which is pretty awesome. He had me sit on the edge of this bed like object. It is similar to the ones in doctor offices that you always have to sit on whilst waiting for the doctor to arrive. He then proceeded to clean both of my Nipples. Within several minutes both of my Nipples were marked and ready to be pierced. He told me to prepare myself for quite a bit of pain. I was expecting it to hurt less than when I did it myself and I did, but it was still quite a painful procedure. Now Teri doesn't use clamps and he told me he would have to stop halfway through the Nipple to adjust it to go through the exit hole on the other side. Now I have always heard that the second of any piercing hurts worse than the first. I don't know why this is true but it is. Also the pain of getting it pierced is less then the after pain, afterwards just walking around absolutely kills. The needles went through easily and bleeding was minimal.

I immediately went to Wal-Mart after and tried walking around, but every single step felt like a jab to my Nipples. Every time my heart beat I felt a horrible throbbing pain in my Nipples. I had to go home early and after I got home I laid on the couch with my shirt off taking pain medication asking myself why I went through with the whole thing. However, by morning I found myself singing a different tune. I loved the way they looked and the pain had subsided for the most part. The next few weeks went by with the occasional snag while taking a shirt off, and one extremely rare occasion where me and my friends had a contest to see who could kick the highest and I effectively knead myself in the Nipple, but nothing to major ever happened and the healing process went well. I suppose the only advice I have to offer is do not think about the pain when considering this piercing. It is well worth the pain and thinking about it might deter you from getting it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Teri
Studio: Sacred+Flames
Location: Wilson%2C+NC

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