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Tattoo, titty twisters and nipple piercings.

The night that I went to get my nipples pierced was completely unplanned. One of my friends had recently been hired by a tattoo shop in West Virginia. The shop doesn't have the greatest reputation in the world, but I had been pierced there before and wasn't worried about it, especially since one of my best friends was piercing me and giving me a discount. I was in town for a weekend in March and decided to go visit her. When I got there I really wanted a triquetra tattoo on my hip. I checked in with the artist that I wanted and he said that it would be about a forty five minutes.

My friends and I sat around flipping through tattoo magazines and talking for awhile, when I looked at the clock and realized that an hour had passed. Stephanie checked with the artist and he said that he was almost done with the girl. I sat for about fifteen minutes and the girl got out of the chair with her pants pulled down to her ankles and went outside for a cigarette. By this point I was getting really annoyed.

I had been thinking about getting my nipples done for quite some time and my friends told me just to go ahead and get it done. It took about thirty minutes to think about and I decided, if he doesn't finish the tattoo in the next hour, then I'll get my nipples done. I was really apprehensive about the pain, even though I had 8 piercings done before my nipples. In the mean time, I decided that if Stephanie were going to pierce them, I was going to have to have SOME kind of numbness. I quickly ran to the pizza shop around the corner and asked for a bag of ice. I went back to the tattoo shop, ready to get them pierced, and another client had walked in for Stephanie, wanting his ears pierced. So after 2 ½ hours of waiting, Stephanie finally took me back into the room that I had become very familiar with since she had been working there.

I don't think I have ever been as nervous as I was sitting on that table in my life. We joked around as she got the clamps, needles, and jewelry ready. I took off my shirt and bra and my friends started laughing at my uneven boobs so hard that Stephanie ended up having to wait about 15 minutes so she could get herself together to be able to pierce them without screwing them up. Stephanie started to walk towards me with the clamps and I told her that I changed my mind. She looked at me and said, "Do you want to do this or not because the $55 is already in my purse." I told her that I needed a minute and got myself together. She told me that generally the hand that you write with is the one that hurts the most, so I told her to do the right one first. She put the clamp on my nipple and it was worse than the hardest titty twister I'd ever had in my life, so I was a bit freaked out.

In the meantime while Stephanie is lubricating the needle my friends decide that it would be a good idea to take photos of me while I'm topless, I didn't think it was so great. Stephanie starts to come over with the needle and I decide that I need something to bite down on, so I grabbed a bra pad. She told me to exhale and she shoved the needle through and it was the most excruciating nipple pain I will hope to ever go through in my life, or at least I thought it was until she moved onto the left one.

I screamed a few choice expletives and the guys in the shop started laughing at me, knowing what I was going through. After the first one, I told Stephanie to wait a few minutes before she moved on to the second one. After I recuperated from the first one, she put the clamp on the second one. She, once again, told me to exhale and put the needle through. The left side hurt much more than the right for some reason. I had to let the needle sit in my nipple for a few seconds before I could even let her put the jewelry in it.

After it was done, I was relieved, until I had to put my shirt back on and then a seatbelt. The pain was so terrible in the car that I thought I was going to pass out. The pain didn't let up for a few weeks, but they healed very nicely. I've had them for over a year now and sometimes they still get really sore. I will still occasionally bump into things and hurt them, but I wouldn't take them out for anything.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Stephanie+Mach
Studio: Living+Art
Location: West+by+God+Virginia

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