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Scar Tissue and Bloody Nipples

Getting my nipples pierced the second time was not fun, I wouldn't recommend it. Do it right the first time, it will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

The first time I got my nipples done, it was a sketchy shop in southeast michigan, it also happened to be the only shop I could find...not the best way to start off something I suppose. But it was my 19th birthday and I really wanted them done, right now. So I made the usual mistake of not waiting until I could find the right shop, and went with the right now shop.

As soon as I walked in, the little kid [think 5 years old] playing XBox with a dog wandering around and take out wrappers on the coffee table mixed in the with single portfolio on it in the front lobby should have been a sign that this place wasn't the best place to get pierced at. And, the fact that it smelled like weed wasn't the most reassuring thing in the world. But it was cheap and I was broke so I figured it was all right enough. It seemed kind of clean and I was in a haze of 'pierce me!' disinterest in what was actually going on around me.

So, I got them done, and kept them for a year and a half before finally owned up to the fact that they were wretched. They were crooked, at different depths, and looked like they'd been done by a 12 year old. The jewelry he had used was cheap and too small of a gauge.

My boyfriend at the time [now he's my husband] gave me shit about having such awkward piercings, he pierced for years before getting into tattooing and told me to just take them out, let them heal and get them done right.

So they came out, and I let them heal for 6 months. It was strange not having to worry about catching anything on my shirt or not constantly having at least one sore nipple...what can I say, I'm clumsy as shit.

When I was ready to get them redone, I asked around and found Cory through a few friends who highly recommended her, as soon as she got back from Thailand next month.

I waited until she was back in town, rather than go to random dude down the street since it didn't exactly work out for me the first time I went that route.

When I went in to get them done, we talked for a few while she set up, she asked me about the first time I gotten them done and explained what the differences between the way she did things and my previous experience, it reassured me a lot.

First she marked them, had me check them out [something the other guy had neglected to have me do...hindsight is fantastic, who doesn't check out the placement of their piercing before they get it?] and then had me lie down to do the first one. It was a nice to be laying down, the last time I had been sitting up and it was a little awkward to try and stay still while someone comes at your nipples with a sharp object.

The first one blew my mind a little bit. It hurt a lot more than the first time, when I said that Cory told me that it was because she was piercing through scar tissue and it was a little harder than fresh skin, which made sense.

We paused after the first one and she asked me if I was ready for the second one.Bummer, I still had the other one to do. I looked down and considered for 2 seconds just pulling the first one and going along with myself, piercing free and happy...but that wasn't really an option, I had already paid and my sense of pride was on the line.

The second one hurt even worse. That was the side with the most scar tissue, I'd lost one of the rings a week after the first time I got them pierced and had to put it back in, drunk, and mangled myself pretty good.

She did the piercings with internally threaded barbells at a 10 gauge, the first time had been 14 gauge captive bead rings. Not only did they heal up a lot faster, and easier, it was also easy to tell that they were straight right away, where as I hadn't noticed the crookedness of the first piercings until I switched to barbells.

A year later and they're healed up, as much as nipples ever heal, and they look great. I'd for sure go back to her if I needed them done again, although I don't think I'd ever do it a third time, twice was bad enough.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Cory
Studio: Enigma
Location: san+diego

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