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Nipple Piercing with Elisha

What would make a 16-year-old girl want to get her nipple pierced?

I cannot remember what inspired me to get it done, but I did.

I thought about it for a while, and decided I wanted it done, but could not straight away; because I had a school camp coming up, and I feared that, it may be damaged during one of the many stupid team-building exercises. After I returned from camp, I was more than ready to get it done. The camp had been frustrating at best and I longed for the comfort of a piercing, and for the strong tea tree oil smell that the piercing room of my piercer had. I had not been in for so long, about 2 months, when I got eight ear studs put in.

I went to go meet some friends at a local fast food chain store, and was greeted with one of my friends pulling her shirt down to show me her new nipple piercing. It looked unpleasant, coated with blood, and swollen. I turned away, put off the piercing for a while. Kelsey, my friend, had one of our other mates, Sam to pierce it for her.

I had already decided sometime ago I would not let Sam come near me with a needle. Despite his piercing skills being average for a clamp less 15-year-old boy, I did not trust him, and the fear of judgement loomed over the idea. Not to mention, the obvious high risk of infection or it being un-straight.

The next day I went to my piercer, Trendez Fashion and Body Piercing, Nelson, and booked in for a time to get it done. It was in about 2 hours, and I preferred this, because it gave me a chance to roll the idea round in my mind, and if I chose, though I never have, I could simply not show up at all.

After the two hours was up I was hesitant to go to my appointment, as I'd never had any needle piercing done, but my friend Isaac and my best friend's boyfriend, Sammy pulled me to the store. After we walked in, I told Sammy I did not want the piercing done. He looked disappointed but said "okay" and we began to walk out.

Being rather erratic, I changed my mind and walked up to the counter. Elisha, one of the many all female piercing staff smiled at me and told me she'd just seen the show I'd put on, but was pleased I'd chosen to go ahead with it. After signing a consent form, she took me to the piercing room, and we left Isaac and Sammy outside looking almost smug.

Stepping onto the stool, I sat down on the bed and was asked to pull my shirt and bra down. I did so, and looked at the ceiling, stating to her that it was rather awkward. Elisha laughed and said it did not really faze her, because she did them all the time, and you just get "used to it". After she marked it with two blueish purple dots, she asked me if it was okay. Awkwardly I looked at them and quickly said it was fine. Then she gave me the aftercare rundown, while she made sure the jewellery was ready and clean, soaking in some special liquid called Silverwater.

Lying down I watched her get out the needle, which made my stomach churn, so I looked at the ceiling instead.

"Okay are you ready?" she asked.

I tilted my head back, closed my eyes, and said, "Yeah I suppose so..."

Suddenly, there was a steering pain on my chest, and I hissed through my teeth before saying "ouch!" after a few seconds of aching it went numb.

"I have to put the bar through now, I found this was the most painful part when I got mine done," she said, uncomfortingly.

I could not feel the bar being put through, but I could feel the blood. I seem to be "a bleeder" because I bled everywhere, after the 16g curved barbel was put in. Elisha had trouble screwing on the ball, and dropped it a few times, onto my shirt.

She attached a cotton wool pad with a bandaid, and told me it was over. I walked out with a disturbed look on my face, holding my aching chest.

I paid Elisha her money, $20, and brought some antiseptic gel.

Soon after the numbness wore off, by which point we were standing in a supermarket buying fizzy drinks. I must have looked crazy, because I would get sudden flashes of pain, yell "ouch!", and grab my chest. Later, it was simply aching, and I took to lying on the floor of the local arcade and complaining to nobody in particular, and telling a group of random 11-year-olds never to get their nipples pierced.

After 3 hours, the pain was gone, and I went home and had a shower. The water did not hurt it, but it stung a little, and I slid the bar a bit to clean it.

From then on, it has never hurt again, but bled for a week or so, on and off. A few months on, it has healed well, never been infected at all, and I have changed it to a BCR, which was easier than I expected. It is actually a good piercing, one that is defiantly worth the short-term pain!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Studio: Trendez+Fashion+and+Body+Piercing
Location: Nelson%2C+New+Zealand

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