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New boobs (jugs)

I've always fantasized about getting my nips pierced, so when my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I jokingly suggested nipple piercings. But when he asked me if I actually wanted them, I immediately agreed. He thought it was sexy, as did I. We were both going to be vacationing in Miami and decided to get it done there. This would be my first body piercing, or really piercing in general. I don't even have my ears pierced. But it only made it seem more unexpected, I guess. I told my boyfriend to do a lot of research before picking a place though. I google-ed nipple piercings and saw all the horror stories so I wanted to be sure to go to a reputable place. Not even like a reputable place, this needed to be the best place ever. Seeing a picture of an infected nipple oozing yellowish liquid was enough to almost scare me out of the idea. I mean, getting a shirt or something would probably be a lot easier and without the possibility of infection. Later I would realize that google-ing worst case scenarios was a bad idea, since the chance of having a bad experience isn't that big.

All week I was looking forward to getting pierced. I liked the idea of a piercing that no one would really know about. I mean, I'm a pretty "clean cut" looking girl, and I don't think many people suspect that beneath that veneer...pierced nips! I even had a weirdly sexual dream about it the night before, but that's really neither here nor there. Yet, when it was time to drive down to the piercing place, I began to get a little nervous. My heart started pounding, but I tried to comfort myself with thoughts of a post-piercing ice cream. Once again, I had to try to not talk myself out of the piercing. I mean, I'm not bad with pain, but the thinking before the pain will really get me.

We got to New Age, and everything seemed really clean and nice. There was a couch and jewelry in glass cases. Luis was watching Cheaters on TV. I found this funny. I thought something like, "piercers: they're just like us!, they love reality tv!" Anyway, he told me that I'd be weird if I wasn't nervous. I filled out the papers, gave him my driver's license and such, and he led the boyfriend and me into the piercing room. He also locked the front door and closed the shades. I glanced around the room and took in all the shiny torture instruments lined up on the counter. The barbells he would be using were in a sealed package, which I found comforting. I took my shirt off, got some stuff rubbed on my nipples, and then had some purple dots drawn on them. I thought this was just for decoration but it turns out that he was marking a place for the needle to go. Smart! So I sat down on the piercing chair and braced myself for the pain. When he put the needle in, I didn't really feel that much pain. It was just a weird sensation of feeling something go through my flesh. I didn't really feel anything when he put the barbell through, just relief. There was no clamp involved in the process either, to my pleasant surprise. I looked down after he was done to find a little barbell in my nipple, which was much more attractive than I had initially envisioned. The second one was fine too. I guess it was better in the fact that I knew what I was in for. Much less painful than a Brazilian bikini wax. I think I was too busy listening to him talk about his "crazy" ex-girlfriend to worry too much. Overall, a weirdly easy process. I left feeling an enormous adrenaline rush, but also really craving a milkshake. In fact, the process was so enjoyable that I now have started fantasizing about the other piercings that I want. Maybe a facial piercing? I mean, why not. Maybe the first piercing is like the gateway drug of the body modification world. Pretty soon, thought of suicide-girl-dom were running through my mind. But, I don't think I'm quite there yet. So far the aftercare process has also been pretty painfree and easy. I picked up some saline wash from the drug store, and have been washing my piercings twice daily with Cetaphil. At first, I was afraid to sleep on my side, worried that my nipples might peel off or something, but in a few days I was back to my normal sleep position (fetal position). Another upside is that walking around in the cold has never felt so nice. Overall, I am really happy that I didn't wuss out.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Luis
Studio: New+Age
Location: Coconut+Grove

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