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My freedom piercings.

Before I start all this I might as well tell you a background of myself. I have only ever been professionally pierced twice in my life, yet I have 12 piercing. The first one was the usual little girl ear rings (which are now gauge to 7/16). I decided that was not enough so a few years ago I started my DIY labret which has now turned into a DIY angel's kiss (three labrets). Over the course of three years I've added an eyebrow ring and two more 18g earrings on each ear and a retired smiley. So pretty much you could say that I do like to be pierced. I was completely nervous about having another person whom I did not know pierce my skin.  

The title is "Freedom Piercing" because my mother and father had always been against my piercing. Whenever I had done a new one I would have to hide it for about a week until I forgot to cover it up or something happened to where they saw it. My father would tell me to go take it out, I would not obviously. And my mother would just be dumb-founded as to why her little girl liked this. Oh well. I like pain. It is not a bad thing. Mom had always been the more lenient one of the two; except when it came to piercing or tattoos. So after I had turned 18 I thought of the main piercing that would freak her out to no end.. and that I could show her without it being weird (like a clit hood piercing). So I came up with my nipples. The only question was when should I? 

I have wanted to get my nipples pierced since I was 13. Might sound strange, but that is me. On January 3rd, 2008, my friend and I ended up at Reed 'Em and Weep to get his tattoo at about 9pm. It was too late for him to get inked and on a whim I whipped out the $80 to get both nipples done and went to it.  

We had to wait about 30 minutes. for the piercing artist, Tim, to wake up. So right away that set me a little on edge. He had to wake up, what if he was mad or something like that.  

While we waited my friend, Brandon, just kept telling me how much it was going to hurt and that he was some day going to wake me up by burning my new nipple rings; which actually did not sound so bad.  

Once Tim was up and about I went into this tiny room by myself (because Brandon is mean). He asked me if I would want a barbell or a captive hoop. I did not know which so I just said whichever is easier. Barbell it was.  

Now for the super easy part in this, placement. I took off my shirt and bra and laid them next to me. I have to admit that it was a little strange for him to be playing with my nipples to get them hard but then again it was not cold in the room since it was about 20 degrees outside and the heat was all the way up. He did the whole marking thing on either side of both of them. And that was that. 

I have always been told that the worst part in nipple piercing are the clamps, which I know completely agree with. He clamped my left nipple first and it most certainly hurt like hell. I was already sweating and clinching to my shirt, since Brandon was a pansy and would not come in to hold my hand. "Take a deep breath...and out"... Oh my lord. I am pretty sure I have never felt anything worse than that.  

Oh wait, I was wrong, we were only half done. The second one defiantly hurt way more than the first. He cleaned them up and I got dressed after checking them out in the mirror to make sure I liked the placement. For some strange reason I had actually put my bra back on not even thinking. It was not until Brandon and I got back out to the car to leave that I said screw it and just stripped off the bra and put a single tee shirt back on and turned up the heat. Stupid snow. 

It was not until after a few days of cleaning them that I noticed the right one was a little off. Instead of being pierced straight through it had somehow torn so that the ending hole came out almost on top of my nipple. But all looks good now.  

I do not plan on ever retiring my nipple rings for two reasons: I love them to much and if I did, I would probably want them back and to get them re-pierced over scar tissue would just hurt to much.  

I still have about 8 more piercing to go until I reach my desired amount.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Big+Tim
Studio: Reed+%27Em+and+Weep
Location: Amelia%2COH

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